Earth, Air, Fire, Water

(Image: By Anonymous (Italian, 17th century) (Hampel Auctions) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)Music about the Elements (and Elementals) on this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge.


The heart of the earth

by Rebekkah Hilgraves from At Water’s Edge

The heart of the earth beats,
her pulses lapping the shore.

The trembling edge where earth meets sea
and sea meets sky
and sky meets fire.

When at rest, her gentle heart
loves all things, the mother of us all;
When angered, her terrible heart
tosses and breaks, frantic and dangerous.

Her depths in motion, embracing motion;
the flick of a single cell becoming
one with its fellows,
and as one they grow into a force
carrying along everything in their path
until they breach and overwhelm the shore.

The ever-shifting cycle of creation and destruction,
connecting all things,
moving all things,
breathing all things,
feeding all things,
singing all things,
creating and re-creating,
sliding, turning,
living, dying,
changing all things.

The heart of the earth beats,
her pulses our pulse.


1. Altus – Overture For Earth (6:32)
(Earth, Altus Music, 2003)

2. Ghosts of Earth – Andrew Lahiff (9:24)
(Origins of the Eternal Journey, Andrew Lahiff, 2008)

3. Earth Beat – Chad Kettering (5:22)
(Voices of the Ancients, Chad Kettering, 2010)

4. Abstract Earth – cyberCHUMP (6:56)
(Sankhara, cyberCHUMP, 2006)

5. The Earth Whispers – Darren Rogers (9:21)
(Drone Download Project Year 2 Bonus Disc, Dark Duck, 2005)


by Rebekkah Hilgraves from Rachel Rising

The time has come to leave this place
Truth has defeated the dark one again
His true nature is revealed
His words become nothing
The laugh of a hyena
The mindless cackle of a toothless beggar.

But fear remains,
A subtle companion.

Bury me, Lord, as you yourself were buried.
For three days let him think me gone
Until freedom becomes a habit
And terror only a dark memory;
Then shall I stand in sunlight,
The only shadow the shade of your wings.

For he remains
Lurking, brooding.

He conspires in his darkness, his sunless cavern
Trying even now to lay a trap
Which would shutter in shadow all that is good.
Scheming, twisting;
This time he has failed.
This time

6. Earth – Des Slow and the Stop Pills (14:53)
(Elements, Earth Monkey Productions, 2007)

7. Storm of Earth – Dolmen (7:51)
(Ritual Awakening, Skean Dhu, 2002)


8. Altus – Overture For Air (4:34)
(Air, Altus Music, 2004)

Love is breath

by Rebekkah Hilgraves from Love the Haven of Peace

Love it is makes heroes out of men,
And love return’d becomes its own reward,
From heart to treasur’d heart its treasure lend
Such gold a thousand times from trove unbarr’d.
Fie, gold!, such love is like the very air:
To love is to inspire, and thus to live;
And yet, breathe out too much and nothing there,
Expire, for no air life cannot long forgive.
Thus, my dear, did I my love breathe out,
In one unguarded moment share with you
And passion’s flame too soon, too soon blow out,
And wait for love to breathe on me anew.
For loving air my failing breath doth yearn,
For of restraint my heart will never learn.

9. Air – Beyond Absence (1:02)
(Heritage, Webbed Hand, 2009)

10. Sunset After Wind – Adaptcore (16:57)
(Sunset After Wind, Dark Winter, 2006)

11. Umuwa Desert Winds – Ambraduna (7:34)
(Arpa Atlantis, Ambient New World, 2009)

12. Bright Wind – Ancient Future (7:42)
(Visions of a Peaceful Planet, Ancient Future, 2004)

13. thing 045 (Shafts of Sunlight) – Daniel Robert Lahey (12:44)
(Things, unreleased, 2012)

I never name pieces prior to their inception, and usually don’t have any idea what to call them by the time I’m done with them. Listening to this one to decide what to call it, I thought of “Mostly Sunny” but it felt more dynamic than that, more like shafts of sunlight breaking through the clouds.

–Daniel Robert Lahey


14. Overture For Fire – Altus (4:13)
(Fire, Altus Music, 2002)


by Rebekkah Hilgraves from Love the Haven of Peace

My heart beats in my breast and bursting, cries,
Each breath I take trails fire along my skin.
Your face before me when I close my eyes,
Your touch imagin’d, conjur’d from within,
My senses all awaken’d, now aflame,
And straining forward, ‘cross the distance call,
Alive with passion, whispering your name,
All reason gone, into your spell I fall.
Now thus invok’d, such magic do I feel
That music to my lips unbidden fly
And sing until you stand before me, real,
Inhabited by love’s eternal cry.
Affection, passion and desire now blend
With love and strength, a broken soul to mend.

15. Fire – Des Slow and the Stop Pills (17:45)
(Elements, Earth Monkey Productions, 2007)

16. Distant Fires – Forrest Fang (4:44)
(Phantoms, Projekt, 2009)

17. Fire In The Stone – Giles Reaves (9:03)
(Sacred Space, 2001)

18. Fire in the Sky – Igneous Flame (7:12)
(Orcus, LuminaSounds, 2010)

19. Fire Salamander (Live) – Ishq (15:17)
(Live at Morrison Planetarium 10-28-03, Dub Beautiful Collective, 2003)


20. Overture For Water – Altus (3:27)
(Water, Altus Music, 2003)

Then comes the rain

by Rebekkah Hilgraves from Love the Haven of Peace

When in spring-time all the world awake
From slumber heavy, shedding winter’s cloak,
And new-bloom’d finery all the flowers make,
With faerie-dust the fiery sunsets stroke,
Breathless, restless, wander I the hills,
As melts my once-cold heart in sudden thaw,
Laughing with the sparrow’s frantic trills,
Flooding senses with each breath I draw.
I find myself alone upon a rise
Watching west as darkness inward press,
The evening cool’d as lightning part the skies,
The heart of nature thund’ring heaven bless.
Then comes the rain, its tears upon my face
Of joy and sorrow mingling in this place.

21. Air and Rain – Beyond Absence (8:28)
(Rarified, Webbed Hand, 2008)

22. Water Song – Alvari Lume (5:08)
(Ennen, Audio Gourmet, 2010)

23. Waters of Venus – Andrew Lahiff (5:38)
(Shapes in Clouds, Andrew Lahiff, 2010)

24. Water – Arcticology (3:44)
(Eternal Now, Earth Mantra, 2009)

25. Pray For Rain – Ben Cox (8:09)
(On Water, Lotuspike, 2005)

26. Wasser-Madrigal – Circle of Pines (6:38)
(Darkwater Pond, Dark Winter, 2006)

27. Underwater – Claire Fitch (3:50)
(Ambiencellist Part II, Magnatune, 2005)

28. Deep Turmoil, Calm Waters – Copal River (7:18)
(Ancara, Earth Mantra, 2008)

29. Breakwater At Dawn – Cousin Silas (1:35)
(Geographics, Earth Monkey Productions, 2006)

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