Sounds in Silence

Joe McMahon on the Guest Ball
Joe McMahon on the Guest Ball

What we think of as “silent” is never truly silent, and on the 100th anniversary year of the birth of John Cage (pictured below), we’ll explore the results of a recent Disquient Junto assignment on today’s At Water’s Edge program. Composer Joe McMahon joined  us on The Guest Ball.

The project can be found here:
and the original assignment and details here:

5 thoughts on “Sounds in Silence

  1. Great podcast. I’ve participated in all but three of the Disquiet Junto projects[]. It’s been a great learning time as I’d been a long time listener of experimental music, but had only dabbled in creating it. Part of the inspiration of Disquiet Junto also came from the .microsound projects []that were going strong a decade or so ago.

  2. Thanks, LAJ! We saw you in the chat room; so glad you were there! Next time I do a show like this one, I hope to record some more interviews prior to the show. We really enjoyed your track; congratulations!

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