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Image: Photo of tree with hanging baby pacifiers in Aarhus Denmark, taken August 2003 by User:Stan Shebs, via Wikimedia Commons

New Releases today on At Water’s Edge! This program is devoted to works that have been released in the past three months, and includes notes from and interviews with the artists.

We feature a wide variety of music on this edition of At Water’s Edge, from experimental, environmental and glitchy to some of the sweetest and most lyrical drone and meditation music. Enjoy it!

1. Gæ – “InVocAzione” – Gambient – 2012 (7:32)

Gaetano Perfetti ::::: electric guitar, radio noise, keyboard, synth, jamman, digitech, EX7, boss roland effects, sounds recording, didgeridoo

Eclectic artist, constantly looking for new sounds to experiment in the art of the improvisation, refined during the years playing the electric guitar, together with umoraqueo a band based in his hometown, Roseto degli Abruzzi, on the east coast of Italy :
In 2007 he got involved with electronical music and composed under the name of Trickst3r the entirely digital album Pure Nature :
He got closer and closer to ambient music and, after listening and experimenting for three years, he debuted with the EP “Let The Light Shine Your Way And Stars Guide Your Steps”.
In 2012 he brought together his works in the album The secrets of old clocks, containing a variety of tracks shifting from experimental, chill out, soundscape and electronica with the mastering done by Vitaliano Zurlo.
Available on bandcamp :

2. Tonalchemy – “At the End of the Day” – Things – 2012 (11:39)

Nothing moves me more than a string ensemble, and I have a love triangle going with strings and horn (aka French Horn) in this piece. The combination has all the emotive force of the strings with the added bucolic sound of the horn that creates a beautiful, panoramic feeling in my heart and mind. In this piece, there is a finality and resolution similar to what is often meant by the phrase, “at the end of the day…” or the alternative, “when all is said and done…” For this piece, I picture a meadow by a copse behind which the sun sets, and over which the spirit of twilight gently spreads her indigo blanket.

3. Jess Mesawzee Waters – “Introducing “Enter My Heart In Whispers” (Interview segment)” – At Water’s Edge – 2012 (4:09)

4. Magnetic Wind – “Enter My Heart in Whispers” – Discovery – 2012 (26:17)

Discovery.  The act of  seeing, to get knowledge or learn of, to find or find out; gain sight, insight, knowledge, to notice or realize. As with all of Magnetic Wind’s albums, Discovery is part of her autobiography.  It is the paradoxical release to the haunting EP Drown, that encapsulated becoming lost after trauma and doubting everything that exists and that does not.  Discovery embraces rising from the depths of the waters of Drown and taking a look at one’s life in long reflection and through those long periods of reflective healing, to find the realness of healing and love of all types.

This track is my interpretation of how real love is: quiet, patient, steady, the soft voice that remains a whispering calm that you never fear and feel hugged by, and yet astonished in its beauty.

Working in original composition, Magnetic Wind employs soft synths, melodies along with pianos, world percussion, soft voice effects, field recordings and experimentation with organic instrumentation to create arrangements with a cinematic depth. She has been featured on public, college and internet radio around the world. Beginning 7/4/12 all proceeds go to the Hospice Foundation.

5. MorphieusMusic – “Cross the Dimensions, Touch the Light” – unreleased – 2012 (6:16)

From the composer:

This is a very comprehensive track. I took a long time to layer the sonic elements to produce and encapsulate all the music I listened to and loved as a child. It’s a main theme, rich and powerful. Take the step and go on a journey into your own imagination when listening to this.

6. Red Clouds – “crash landing” – unreleased – 2012 (13:52)”
7. Red Clouds – “star whale” – unreleased – 2012 (13:32)

These tracks from Red Clouds (James Hoehl) are not even released yet; he hopes to include them on his next full length release. They’re inspired by science fiction and space, and are his interpretation of the sounds one might experience in outer space. He explores through sound the impact of space travel and exploration on human evolution and society. “Star Whale” was a tribute to an episode of Dr. Who. The tracks are a combination of live and virtual instruments, recorded on computer.

8. Mystified – “Loop Redux” – A Pale But Lasting Hope – 2012 (3:32)
9. Mystified – “Over The Nest” – A Pale But Lasting Hope – 2012 (5:20)

This Roil Noise release (A Pale But Lasting Hope) features some nice tracks mastered by Robert Rich. You can preview them here:

10. Mark Cotton (Another Neglected Hobby) – “Deep End of the Night Sky” – Deep End of the Night Sky – 2012 (77:49)

This exploration of sound takes the listener on a journey through the infinite depths of the cosmos where distance and time take on a scale the human mind finds difficult to grasp.

Imagine yourself on a comfortable lawn recliner on a warm summer night with an immense blanket of stars and planets stretched overhead. Allow your eyes to travel deep into the blackness between the pinpoints of light and imagine the mysteries that await.

The inspiration for this recording comes from the beauty of such a night sky and the immeasurable depths of space. I wanted to try to capture the feeling of awe that awaits each person when they take the time to ponder the stars and attempt to understand the vastness of what they see before their eyes. I also wanted to create what might be considered a soundtrack to use while watching the movement of the stars and planets across Earth’s night sky.

Another Neglected Hobby is the ambient and electronic music project of Mark Cotton.

Mark had been a listener and collector of ambient music for decades, but his creative outlet had always been painting or other types of visual arts. Until recently, that is, when he began creating ambient soundscapes and experimental music. Not surprisingly, this has led him to create ambient music of a sublimely visual quality. A prolific artist, Mark has released quite a number of albums on a variety of netlabels, including Treetrunk, Intentional Neglect, and now Earth Mantra.

Hogback on Little Shepherd Trail
Hogback on Little Shepherd Trail, from the official Harlan County Kentucky web site.

11. Anthony Washburn (The Implicit Order) – “Introducing “Gaps in the Land” (Interview segment)” – At Water’s Edge – 2012 (8:05)

Gaps In The Land was recorded Summer 2012, a year whose heat brought back memories of Anthony’s childhood. From the album description:

These recordings are long forgotten, hazy, half remembered Summer road trips through the curvy mountains and foothills of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. We had an old car, a 1965 Mustang with no A/C and an AM/FM radio and would take our summer vacation in it every July or August. We visited State Parks, tourist trap towns, dusty lakes, and dark woods…

12. “Audrey’s Prayer Under The Sycamore” (4:15)
13. “Distant Plains”  (1:55)
14. “Rest Stop”  (4:39)
15. “Haunted Highways & Phantom Tollbooths”  (1:56)
16. “State Park”  (4:41)
17. “Little Shepherd Trail” (5:30)
18. “Tourist Trap” (4:14)

19. Anastasia Vronski – “Memory Of A Girl” – Memory Of A Girl – 2012 (9:35)

“Memory Of A Girl” EP elru113 2012

The tracks are called “From The Moon”, “Special Place” and “Memory Of A Girl” which gives its name to the album. The composer writes,

This album marks the end of a cycle for me.

Indeed, I feel I have expressed many of the things that were occupying these last few years.

I feel I have expressed a lot of anger but also displayed my sense of humor through my past works.

However, before I took a step away in order to do other things, I wanted to express the nostalgia that will inevitably grab me when I shall look back on this life cycle, the journey that took me from my first influences in experimental music up to this point where I feel I have nothing more to say in this field for the moment.

This is why I chose the title “Memory Of A Girl”, because it will always remind me of my state of mind when I felt I was becoming a new person with different interests, or even passions.

This said, onto the music.

The three tracks on “Memory Of A Girl” share the same structure.

First, there is a bed of ever-changing crackling sounds.
I see it as a stripped-down version of the harsh sounds I have been using since the beginning, but instead of brutal changes, the layers of static are merged and only show minute variations, as if what was once an erupting volcano was now dying out.

Onto this basis, I have added very simple melodies with strings and piano.
The only exception is a synthesized steel-drum sound I used on the track “Special Place”. I have had these simple melodies and chord progressions in me for a long time, but I guess I was not yet prepared to let them stand so bare.

The way I see it, “Memory Of A Girl” is probably the saddest music I have ever made, because in a way I am sad to realize once again how life goes on and one changes through time.”

Anastasia Vronski

20. Cousin Silas – “The Gentle Night” – unreleased – 2012 (7:21)

A stunning reading of Dylan Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Cousin Silas, backed with some gorgeous sounds and punctuated with his signature guitar statements, this track is not yet released. Prompted by the deaths of the fathers of two close friends, he calls this track a kind of reminder of the finality.

21. Cousin Silas – “4 a.m. – Strange Sunrise on Antilles” – Complex Silence 28 – 2012 (4:05)

Image: Photo of tree with hanging baby pacifiers in Aarhus Denmark, taken August 2003 by User:Stan Shebs, via Wikimedia Commons

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