Welcome the Sun

The sun is gradually returning to the skies of the northern hemisphere, and Spring is approaching. The days are getting longer and soon will outpace the night.

Sunrise at Joshua Tree
Sunrise at Joshua Tree

We welcome the return of the sun in today’s At Water’s Edge program with a variety of works new to the Stillstream library, and a few additions outside the library from artists whose work we thought you should hear.

“Waiting for the Suns to Go Down” – Anawaty/Russell – Analog Universe – 2012

Anawaty Russell (Cass Anawaty and Paul Russell) are a duo split by thousands of miles but united by one motivating factor – to make sonically outstanding music. Cass runs Sunbreak Music, based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Paul runs Calamity Studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read more about them here.

“Nature Of The Night Sky” – Jeff Talman – Nature Of The Night Sky – 2011

This release is subtitled “Sounds of Stars in the Forest Night” and was created in collaboration with Daniel Huber, astrophysicist at Sydney Institute of Astronomy in Australia.

“On a Cold Day” – Alex Tiuniaev – Two Beautiful Days – 2009

On a Cold Day is a long journey through one cold winter day. Alex composed this piece when he lived in a small wooden house in a forest near Moscow. Both tracks are rich in detail and texture, showcasing Alex’s more experimental side as well as his sound design explorations.”The Return” – Steve Roach – Day Out of Time – 2002

“The Return of the Dragon Bone Tribe” – Byron Metcalf and Steve Roach – Tales from the Ultra Tribe – 2012
“Southern Lights (Black Hole Mix)” – Amongst Myselves – Ambient, Landscape And Space – 2012
“Smiling in the Dark” – AeTopus – Between Empires – 2012
“Taksu” – Loren Nerell – Taksu – 2003

Loren Nerell’s dark and humid soundscape releases date back to his 1996 release LILIN DEWA, as well as the more recent INDONESIAN SOUNDSCAPES. TAKSU takes cues from both of these albums, blending environmental sounds he records during his Indonesian travels, and Balinese instruments together into a glowing, amorphous cloud of spine-tingling sound.

“Ancestral Hymn” – Robert Carty – Tonalities – 2003
“Fairy’s Blues” – Juta Takahashi – Angel – 2012
“Into Light” – Bryan Carrigan – Windows – 2012
“Morning’s Gift” – Bryan Carrigan – Windows – 2012
“Awakening” – Bryan Carrigan – Focus – 2011

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