Spring at last! Well, at least in the northern hemisphere…technically…okay, yeah, there are still FEET of snow coming down. But it’s spring! So let’s celebrate the equinox with some great music (including our new hot-off-the-presses theme music by Craig Karolus!).

By Meneerke bloem (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Crocus in Snow by Meneerke Bloem
At Water’s Edge, 23 March 2013: Equinox

(theme/bed music: “Andon” from Journey Of Divine Instrumentation by Craig Karolus, edited specifically for At Water’s Edge — thanks, Craig!!)


“Birds are Swaying, Trees are Singing” – Skyfix (Ewoud Beaufays) (2010)

“New Beginnings” – Stephen Briggs – Unreleased (2012)

Live Guitar track for the 12.12.12 compilation

“April showers (part 4)” – Burning Artist (Kevin Haller) – April showers… (2012)

Recorded 2011-04-21: April showers are two sessions from a particularly productive day in 2011 utilizing/configuring a possible migration to Reaper from FGB.

“Virgo” – Altus – The Sidereal Cycle 4 (2013)

Visit http://freefloatingmusic.bandcamp.com/

“EquiNoctus 2013” – usr/sbin – Unreleased (2013)

The track was created using a semi-generative structure in Plogue Bidule and Mixtikl on a laptop, with iMini Synth, Sunrizer, Cassini, and Animoog synthesizers on the iPad…a single take and cleaned up using Amadeus Pro.

“birds singing in the snow” – Red Clouds (James Hoehl) – Unreleased (2013)

The recording itself was done using virtual instruments on computer. The whole process began from a dark place, says James, while dealing with the passing of his mother. The sounds evolved after watching the song birds out his window, singing away, with the new fluffy snow that was covering the tree branches; “it was springtime to them…”

“Birds” – Aetheric Field (Kurt Lorenz) (2013)

Aetheric Field is the artist project name of Kurt Lorenz, who also runs the Ember Music netlabel based in Seattle, Washington. “Birds” is the first track recorded for the forthcoming Aetheric Field EP and was originally intended as a generative piece for live performance. Because this piece was so far removed in style from his other musical creations, Kurt decided to use the pseudonym Aetheric Field.

Green Divide (David Green): A Change of Seasons (2012)
“New Life”
“Solar Flares”

Composer David Green is the artist behind Green Divide. Kurt Lorenz, who runs the Ember Music netlabel, is working with David to get his debut album published, so we get a sneak peek today. David tells us that his mother and especially his father were musicians, and he and his younger sister were not given a choice to take piano lessons. Starting simply and before he stopped the lessons altogether in his teens, he learned some very complex classical piano pieces from the legendary composers. He and his sister both played at church, recitals at museums, a local college and so on. He was fifteen when he stopped and hardly even touched the keys until he found a fourteen dollar app for his iPod Touch called nanostudio. It’s a synthesizer, DAW with effects, and mixer all in one small application. It was the first time that he actually tried to make his own music and quickly the passion to play came back. However, he found too many limitations with it. So he befriended Marko Ettlich of the retrosound project in Germany, who inspired him and guided him in the right direction as far as gear selection. He had never even touched a synthesizer. He met another great musician in Wales who took it upon himself to teach David volume mixing. He read a lot about subtractive synthesis from tips and pointers from other artists on Soundcloud. It has been just over a year now that he began playing again starting out with nanostudio, and he’s having the time of his life with it. Here are his notes on the words we are hearing today:

Timebender was the first of the tracks created. It was the first “breakthrough” track I produced. I did a lot of experimenting with my Novation Ultranova and using a Korg EA-1 as a external sequencer, making loops, etc. For me , just a certain sound can spark a whole song and that is exactly what happened. It came together rather easily this one.

Solar Flares is pretty much the same story as Timebender, only at that time I had created a whole library of loops and by this time was creating my own patches too. Call me a purist, but I like my music to truly be mine and during the time I made this , I really tried hard to use strictly my patches. But that didn’t work out. I had to rely on quite a few presets to capture the results you hear in this one.

Tranquility was a very simplistic track. For this particular piece I used the Ultranova and my Kurzweil K2000. If memory serves correctly, there are only three tracks to this piece. Again, a certain sound sparks a riff and from there , a whole song emerged. Oddly enough, I very much was pleased with this song, but it just didn’t really do it for me and I was pleasantly shocked that so many people liked it.

New life is a very special track to me. I had already begun working on this trying to create a piece that captured more of a symphony and wind instrument sounds instead of the usual techno or ambient sounds that I traditionally use. My wife at the time was pregnant with our third child which was our first girl. The night she was admitted, I brought my computer with me. It was a very long labor. During times that my wife as trying to sleep, I slipped on my headsets and decided to finish this track with what I had. I intended this one to be a much longer and more sophisticated track. But, I finished it in the hospital to commemorate the birth of my daughter and that is how the track name came to be.

“Slow Rotations” – Cousin Silas – Unreleased (2013)

Cousin Silas is based in the UK and his music ranges from rhythmic and funky to deep and ethereal. He wrote this about “Slow Rotations”:

It’s been a rather productive last six months for me. Sadly, a lot of the music I’ve done has been a result of the passing of both my father and mother in law. Due to this, obviously, the music is a little more reflective. It’s strange how negative events have shaped this material because invariably I am mainly inspired by other things. Slow Rotations, whilst not a conscious effort, on reflection, seems to be a little more uplifting, especially the latter half.

Not quite an Equinox type piece, more a wider and bigger picture. The Slow Rotations is in reference to the whole solar system that slowly rotates and goes on relentless, life goes on!

“Scattered Light” – Savaran (Mark Walters) (2012)
“Glade” – Savaran (Mark Walters) (2012)
“Scarce Moments in Time” – Savaran (Mark Walters) (2010)

Savaran is Welsh artist Mark Walters.

“Scattered Light” is an improv piece based around the generative NodeBeat app for the iPad. Mark recorded two NodeBeat tracks and left one in its original state while the other was heavily processed and octave shifted over three separate octaves. The beats went through Ableton Live acoustic drum effects and Valhalla ubermod while some light Valhalla shimmer reverb was used on the unprocessed track. Layered on top are three Animoog patches working in the backgorund and foreground.

“Glade” is a darker soundscape (a “darkscape”, as Mark calls it), using, among other things, crow and birdsong recordings from Luftrum (www.luftrum.com/)

“Scarce Moments in Time” was recorded live in one take using the Korg M50 for acoustic guitar sounds and Live 8 triggering pre-recorded loops of some of Mark’s own evolving sound creations for ambient backing.

All of Savaran’s music is created on a variety of hardware and software synthesizers using Ableton Live for recording. Field recorded sounds are frequently added to the mix and much of the sound is heavily processed with an array of effects.

The music is inspired by the random daily events that life throws at you, landscapes, environment, atmosphere, astronomy, geology, past cultures, or just the indefinable need to make music.

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