Toaster TheophanyOn this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we have a live guest in the studio–Toaster, aka Todd Elliott. He’ll be performing live and talking about his latest release, Theophany (we heard the title track on last week’s “Enlightenment” show).

Toaster” is the solo project of Todd Elliott, and has been active since 2010. He uses a variety of approaches and instruments to create his music– but most of it is done by programming things.

Today, in addition to talking about his new release Theophany, he plays live here in the studio of At Water’s Edge. The first set is called “Variants”, and the second is called “Mourners”.


Theophany was released just last month on Bandcamp, and the names of the tracks tell a story all their own. They are as follows (we heard the title track last week, on “Seeking Enlightenment“:

  1. From the Coast, We Travelled East   08:30
  2. Eventually, We Reached the Desert 03:44
  3. We Set Up Camp, and Got Drunk 04:56
  4. When We Woke Up, We Realized We Were Lost 04:19
  5. Night Fell. We Saw a Light in the Distance, and Walked Towards It 04:13
  6. Theophany 29:04
  7. We Made it Back to The Coast 14:00
  8. We Mourned the Dead, and Drew Comfort from God 06:47

I usually work ‘title down’– I keep a little notebook where I jot down potential titles; I thought it would be fun to do a bunch of stuff where the titles told a little story.

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