The ocean at Pacifica, Northern California. Photography by Rebekkah Hilgraves.
The ocean at Pacifica, Northern California. Photography by Rebekkah Hilgraves.

This week we visit the sea in music on At Water’s Edge. It’s a sampling of artists we love, and tracks that evoke the sea in many forms on this edition, including the vast ocean of deep space. Don’t get wet–or lost!


“at sea” – ansiformat sea (2008)

‘at sea’ is inspired by Terry Riley’s ‘in c’ and the ideology of the impressionist musicians. Ansiform is a nebulous, anonymous collective of US artists dedicated to creating subtle soundtracks for your most sedate endeavors. the ansiform style of ambient revolves around unobtrusive, highly-textured, beatless soundscapes — aural wallpaper to complement any calm environment.

“Dark Dark Water” – Discrete Logic – Lost at Sea (2010)

Discrete Logic, also known as Eric Bennett, a US based ambient artist.

“Leaving the Hub” – DeepspaceThe Barometric Sea (2007)

Deepspace is Mirko Ruckels from Brisbane, Australia. His music is amorphous, hypnotic and ambient, and influences include Steve Roach, Stars of the Lid and Debussy. Deepspace won Best New Ambient Artist of the year and Top 10 Ambient album of 2007 from Electroambient Space.

“Tidal” – Michael MearaA Cold Inner Sea (2007)

Michael Meara is an ambient composer out of Australia. Most of his work is either in the vein of cold void space ambience or the warmer currents of classical ambient drift. His ultimate aim is to aid in the navigation of various sleep-states by providing the appropriate soundtrack to deep inner journeying.

“Driftwood”, “Seafoam” – SpheruleusDriftwood-Seafoam (2010)

Spheruleus is Lincolnshire, UK based artist Harry Towell. His work has been released on labels such as Under The Spire, Hibernate, Home Normal and Time Released Sound. The Spheruleus sound is produced using acoustic instruments, manipulated into timeworn, rustic and melancholy compositions.

He also runs the Audio Gourmet netlabel and Tessellate Recordings.

“Endless Sea” – Tribe of Astronauts – Endless Sea (2005)

“The inscrutable Tribe of Astronauts is a collective of varying number. Little can be known about the Tribe of Astronauts because they hide behind digital masks.” — Tribe Elder

The Tribe of Astronauts recently contacted Treetrunk Records from the ammonia seas of Jupiter. Forming, on the huge planet, a kind of eternal ocean, the tides of ammonia wash against one another perpetually and savagely.

The Tribe has garnered a field recording from their trip to Jove, and has provided Treetrunk with a copy of this recording. Nearly an hour in length, “Endless Sea” accurately depicts the sounds made by the surface of Jupiter.

“Tribe of Astronauts came together in the distant present, and surreptitiously represents talent from numerous labels. No two releases by Tribe of Astronauts will sound alike.” — Tribe Elder

It has been suggested that the tidal sound washes in this recording were generated quasi-fractally. The Tribe Of Astronauts has no comment.

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