PODCAST SPECIAL: Interview with Steve Roach: “Reclaiming our birthright”

Steve Roach - Vortex Immersion concerts
In preparation for the Vortex Immersion concerts by Steve Roach on 25 and 26 October, we had the chance to interview him about his music, the concert and how he was preparing. Because the concert went long, we weren’t able to present any of the interview during the live broadcast, but we’re delighted to provide the full interview here. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “PODCAST SPECIAL: Interview with Steve Roach: “Reclaiming our birthright”

  1. this is an amazing interview i wish i can talk to him on the phone can talk to steve on the phone im really aprehensive about it i deeply respect his personal privacy and i dont want him to think i am a bother to him or anyone
    his music has really helped me in my struggles in life i am learning disabled and some of the people have been mean and disrespectful i was a victim of bullying and his music has helped me to heal as a person inside he has healed some scars in my life as well thank u so much steve i hope we cross paths some time into the deepest journeys of the earth and the dream time

    1. I did pass along your message to him. He has not responded, though he did speak warmly of you when I mentioned your wish to him in person. He’s quite busy, but did send his greetings along.

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