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image of Ethiopian Liturgical Drums By A. Davey from Where I Live Now: Pacific Northwest [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsMore beats this week on At Water’s Edge. Join us for another rhythm/rhythmic ambient show featuring music of Mystified (a set he created especially for this program), Bryan Carrigan, Oneironaut, Kuutana, Christopher Alvarado, Ancient Future, Arjen Schat, Dan Pound, Siegmar Fricke, TouchXTone and Rapoon.


We start off with a set compiled specifically for the program from Mystified, also known as Thomas Park.

“For A Brighter Now (Mystified set for At Water’s Edge)”

Mystified may be known for darker material, but he has also written some more upbeat stuff– including some music bordering on inspirational.

This set of four songs was selected based on the emotional/spiritual content of the material.

Included are two somewhat older pieces, featuring some sounds by Dan Minoza, and two more recent Mystified tracks, which are solo.

The track titles are:

  • Your Presence
  • Outer Banks
  • Plum Spirits
  • Super Golden Sunshine (edit)

Dan Minoza’s sounds are featured in tracks 2 and 4.

Bryan Carrigan Below Zero

Bryan Carrigan’s recent release, Below Zero, is a departure from our usual ambient fare, with a tasty combination of downtempo chill, retro new age and more upbeat Euro pop sounds. With a great, diverse set of rhythmic tracks that all hang together quite well, this album is quite different from Bryan’s previous release,¬†Windows, which was an exploration of ambient and new age styles. In addition to the usual arsenal of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines, this album incorporates ambient piano (lovely piano sounds with a LOT of reverb space around them) on most of the tracks in the album, to create a cohesive whole. Bryan also plays trumpet on both “Twist of Lime” and “Frisky Martini”, both tracks of which are more along the lines of laid-back lounge music.

  • Below Zero
  • Premise
  • New Day
  • Twist of Lime
  • Thespian
  • Runway
  • Detour
  • Almost There
  • Frisky Martini
  • TGV
  • Catalan
  • Slinky
  • Ditto
  • Carousel

“Lost in..”

This is an interesting pair of tracks from Oneironaut, aka Ryan Rock, designed to be played back-to-back, called collectively “…Lost in Thought…”

A great collection of rhythm tracks from a variety of artists fill out today’s program:

“The Hidden World” – Kuutana – Undiscovered Shores (2013)

“Fire Above the Desert Mesa”Christopher Alvarado

“Hummingbird” – Ancient Future – Natural Rhythms (2005)

“Rhythm Version B” – Arjen SchatVersion (2007)

“Rhythm of the Clouds” – Dan PoundMedicine Bag (2006)

“Rhythmanorama” – Siegmar Fricke – Medical Soundscapes – 2006

“Drums Across the Border” – TouchXtone – JavaXmonkey 01 Nov 03 (2003)

“We Danced Like Sticks” – RapoonThe Kirghiz Light (1995)

(Image By A. Davey from Where I Live Now: Pacific Northwest [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

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