In the United States, we’ve run headlong into the holiday season, with its mad scrambles for the latest toys, lots of food, party planning and general insanity. This week’s edition of At Water’s Edge stops to be grateful. Slow down, take a breath, enjoy your life.


“Consumer Goods” – Pablo Perez – Your Ad Here (2007)
“Giving Thanks” – Cluster Balm – Instamatic (2005)
“Gratitude” – Paradiso & Rasamayi – 3rd Eye Rising (2011)
“Thanks Fred” – Copal River – Copal RIver (2006)
“Thanksgiving” – C. Paradisi – Sketches from the Edge of Silence (2012)
“Thank You” – Bubblegone – Somewhere Between Summer and Winter (2006)
“Just for Today, I Will Be Grateful” – Llewellyn – Reiki Gold (2005)
“Passage In Beauty” – Vidna Obmana – Passage In Beauty (1996)
“Thank You Sara” – Ian D. Hawgood – Before I Let the Sunshine Rot (2009)
“Good Thing” – John Louis Kluck – Dream State (2010)
“A Time for Peace” – Lily Pond Orchestra – Beautiful Day (2010)
“Tales (It’s Been a Good Trip Mix)” – Amongst Myselves – Ambient, Landscape and Space (2011)
“Beauty Made in Small Parts” – Blisaed – Beauty Made in Small Parts EP (2004)
“Beauty Drifting” – Dave Hoffman – Calmness of Spirit (2009)
“Forward Music” – Samsa – Sounds Good on Paper (2003)
“Flickers (Goodnight)” – Celer – Dying Star (2011)

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