Love and other mushy stuff

Boris_Yusupov_Vigée-LebrunYou knew this was coming, right?


“Love” Paradiso & Rasamayi 3rd Eye Rising 2011
“Starseed (It’s About Love)” Fadladder It’s About Love 2004
“We Are Heaven” Paul Avgerinos Lovers 2012
“Love” Cyber Zen Sound Engine Cooperation 2012
“All Is Love” Paradiso & Rasamayi Attuning To Oneness 2012
“Ambient #22 (A Love Supreme)” Cometa A Room Without Walls II 2007
“And If I Have No Love I Will Be Nothing” Doc and Lena Selyanina Noble, Sentimental and Ambient Waltzes 2006
“Love” Gurdonark Seven Virtues 2009
“Fell in Love With a Grill” Unknown Forces Sola Muusika 2005
“First Love” Michael Dulin The One I Waited For 2007
“The Man Whom the Trees Loved” Lucette Bourdin Rumors From Cypress Town 2010
“In Love We Trust” WOFan (Unreleased) 2006
“Invitation To Love (We Hid From It)” Mary Shelley & The Implicit Order A Good Lie 2012
“Just a Love Song” Mike Andrews Science and Fiction 2001
“Love (Spiral’s) Upwards” mindSpiral Triangulum 2009
“Love and Bullets For Bobby and Jack” Cousin Silas Ballard Landscapes 2 2007
“Love Gives Strength To My Soul” Protogroup Love Gives Strength To My Soul 2006
“Love is a… (All Night Transmision)” From Twilight Till Dawn Squeezed Memories 2009
“Love Life” Robert Carty Natural Wonder 1992
“Love Magick” Robert Rich and Steve Roach Soma 1992
“Love On A Real Train” z1r0 Audio Atavisms Revisited 1997
“Lovers in the Deep” Alex Tiuniaev The Hundredth Mantra 2009
“A Matter of Love and Death” Radium88 Escaping Tomorrow 2012
“My Lagan Love” Joe Frawley Angel Boxes 2010

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