Die_Planeten_(G._Holst)The solar system revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth, the seasons change, and so do we. This week’s edition of At Water’s Edge is all about change in many forms.

The revolution has not only begun, it never stopped.


“Prelude to Change” Dave Luxton and Aaron Gates Futurus 2008
“A Small Cosmic Cyclus Change” Von Haulshoven and Phrozenlight Dutch Space Mission 2006
“Immense Revolutions” Mister Vapor and Altus Falling Out of Orbit 2010
“Changes No. 2” Anthony Kozar (Unreleased) 1996
“Revolutions” Stephen Philips The Air Up There 2009
“Revolutions per Minute” Jonathan Hughes Revolutions per Minute 2008
“The Change We Need” Leastupperbound and Enfants Perdus The Dreamers 2010
“Trends Change” Mark Rushton Beneficial 2012
“The Moment It All Changed” Cluster Balm 1.0 2004
“Sea Change” Ben Cox multi threaded 2003
“Starting to Change” Dan Pound Cocoon 2011
“Subtle Changes Through Obvious Manipulation” Stephen Philips Subtle Environments 1999
“Winds Change” Steve Brand and Disturbed Earth The Rest of Time 2008
“We All Need a Change” Sulatus Soka Efter Samvete 2007
“Things Are Different Now, But The Street Signs Haven’t Changed” Manitou All Points North 2007

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