Recollect the Snow

1280px-Blowing_snow_on_Thwaites_(8093672603)On this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we are in the midst of winter. In its bitter throes in the northern hemisphere, it wreaks havoc, even kills.


The program features a new-and-as-yet-unreleased track from Scott Lawlor called “Recollect the Snow”, a chilling narrative of the experience of hypothermia from an article by Peter Stark published in Outside Magazine.

We also feature the title track from Juta Takahashi‘s release, The Door Into Winter, Winter Embrace III¬†from Altus and “Half Light” from simon whetham‘s “A Dark Light – Winter Lights Edition.


(Original story for “Recollect the Snow” can be found here:–First-Chill–Then-Stupor–Then-the-Letting-Go.html)

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