The Ides of March

Maribor_-_Early_Spring_(8653344054)The Ides of March has taken on enormous significance over the centuries, as the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, marked by the death of Julius Caesar,  began. It is also when we start thinking of spring–the equinox approaches, the deep grip of winter cold begins to ease (though not without a few final spasms), perhaps some crocus heads bravely poke up through the snow.

The light returns, we air out our homes–and perhaps our souls–as we start to think about spring cleaning.

Today we celebrate the Ides of March with a wide variety of music celebrating the approaching spring.


“March” – Marcel Pequel – The 12 Months (2008)

“Seeds” – Y-EXP – Spring (2002

“The Ides of March” – Sensitive Chaos – (live unreleased, 2009)

“Spring” – Janne Hanhisuanto – Padmospheres (2007)

“The Advent of Spring” – Darkened Soul – Seasons of Dark and Light (2009)

“Where the Forest Meets the Shoreline” – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 2: Spring

“Urban Spring” – Spheric Lounge – Session 13, 28 March 2005 (2005)

“Virgo” – Altus – The Sidereal Cycle 4 (2013)

“Into the Night (Rocky Mountain Spring)” – usr/sbin – Ambient Collective ~ The Serene Files Part Two (2010)

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