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1280px-1628_Claesz_Vanitas-Stillleben_mit_Selbstbildnis_anagoriaOn this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge, it’s listeners’ choice–we asked listeners and artists to submit their favorite new releases for the show, and received some great music.

Starting with new tracks from Disturbed Earth (Dean Richards), from his 9-albums-in-a-month March frenzy, we’ll be hearing music from his “Castle in Spain” release. We’ll also hear from erissoma (, an artist we just learned about recently. We’ll also hear a new collaboration from Arbee and Specta Ciera called “Elemental Gathering”, new guitar ambient from Cousin Silas, and a collaboration between Detlev Everling and Michael Brückner, two new tracks from Jack Hertz and lots more this week, so tune in!


Disturbed Earth – Castle in Spain (2014)

  • “Surveil”

originally recorded in 1976, this was remastered and released in March of 2014 as part of Disturbed Earth’s massive effort to make as much of his music available as he could.

Erissoma – Goodbye Horizon (2014)

  • “In the treehouse”
  • “Goodbye horizon”

Arbee | Specta Ciera – Elemental Gathering (2014)

  • “decorations”
  • “en pleine ascension”
  • “forest floor”
  • “le bruit court”
  • “pomme grenade”
  • “see ya around”
  • “turn around”

The process for this collab was fun. I would send him loops and he would sequence it as well as adding his own overdubs. Then he would send me loops and I would do the same on my end.

Phrozenlight – Romantic Synapses

  • Knights of the Lavendel Tree

Phrozenlight is Bert Hülshoff, a prolific ambient composer from Holland.

Cousin Silas – All Guitar (2014)

Cousin Silas has been preparing a number of all-guitar tracks for release; this is from the proposed second album.

Detlev Everling & Michael Brückner – Sparrows (2014)

  • “Sparrows” (ambient version)

This track is from a new syngate – luna release for an album of Michael Brückner & Detlev Everling. It will be different! You will find a composition of synths, effects and analog gear, that really is rare, but sounds great. Even voices will appear on one track. The album title is “Sparrow” and will be released at syngate-luna on Saturday, the 26th of April.

Jack Hertz – Venus & Mars (2014)

  • “Mars”

To celebrate the coming of spring, Aural Films is happy to announce the new release “Venus and Mars” by Jack Hertz. The album features two long-form drone pieces that pay homage to the Earth’s neighbor planets. 

Venus and Mars are not just the two nearest planets adjacent to Earth. They are symbolic of many things over the ages. The famous painting by Botticelli depicting the Roman gods is said to touch on notions of sensuality, love, play pleasure and pain.

Jack Hertz – Pacifica (2014)

  • “Mussel Rock”
Sound for Good records have partnered with Trees for the Future to offer the new release “Pacifica” by Jack Hertz. Optionally, your donation of any amount to help support the Trees for the Future project would be greatly appreciated in helping us make a difference in the world by planting more trees with music.Listen to four new long-form soundscapes inspired by the coastal landscapes around Pacifica, California. Be sure to click through to each of the track pages for details on the place the track was composed for.
released 17 March 2014

Robert Scott Thompson – Arcana (2014)

  • “Imagination is Memory”

The term musical alchemist best describes modern music composer Robert Scott Thompson. Combining his mastery of the electroacoustic, contemporary instrumental, and avant-garde genres into a swirling cohesive whole, he is an important pioneer on music’s new frontier. 

Phillip Wilkerson – ways of forgetting (2014)

  • “ways of forgetting”
“an hour like this before the white
sky of summer or the white hill
of winter a day in color
but in unremembered colors”~ W.S. Merwin


released 01 March 2014
improvised and recorded using the ‘daybook’ patch on the Virus TI synth at 432Hzwhite marsh studio – venice, fldedicated to L. Tetrault


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