Gods and Goddesses

1280px-DagduHalwai2013Today we take a musical tour of the divine around the world: Odin, Gaia, Venus, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Shiva and many more unnamed gods and goddesses.


“The Goddess Chant” – Oophoi – Mare Imbrium (2003)

“Realm of Gods” – Kirill PlatonkinOur Eternal Alarm (2010)

“Goddess Rising” – Paradiso and Rasamayi – Attuning To Oneness (2012)

“Venus Rising” – Meg Bowles – The Shimmering Land (2013)

“The Gods Too” – PalancarPrécis (2006)

“Liquid Shiva” – Open Canvas – Indumani (2000)

“Dawn of the Gods (part 1)” – Paul Avgerinos – Maya (1988)

“Night of the Goddess (part 1)” – Paul Avgerinos – Maya (1988)

“Remembering Old Gods” – Cluster Balm – Instamatic (2005)

“Venus” – Lionel Cassin – Chronoworks (1985)

“Finding Ganesha” – Lucette Bourdin – Seeking Ganesha (2008)

The Birth of Venus” – Sebsi – unreleased (2007)

“Gentle Gods” – Michael Sandler – The Hundredth Mantra (2009)

“Gaia. Mother. Earth.” – Musical Nature – Forgotten Textures (1998)

Released as a cassette (remember those?) back in 1998, the collection Forgotten Textures from Musical Nature include heavily manipulated drum loops over haunting drones and noise. “gaia.mother.earth” is a remarkable track that could easily be, as one online reviewer described it, “…the soundtrack for a journey to the center of the third rock.” This track embodies the idea that we’ve been exploring on “At Water’s Edge” that music is all around us, and doesn’t always have to be “pretty” to be “beautiful”.

“Odin (The Unknowable)” – Giles Reaves – Wunjo (2986)

“Lakshmi Rocks Me” – Ancient Future – World Without Walls (1990)

“Bliss of the Gods” – Joel Hinkle – Ascension (2006)

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