Villebois-LavaletteThis week’s edition of At Water’s Edge highlights music from Stillstream‘s “Featured” list, all recent works, and we do a little more exploration around the world.


“Deep in the Tundra” – Mystified (Featured Artist) – Eschate Thule (2014)

Eschate Thule is a marvelous masterwork by our old friend and talented soundscaper, Mystified. The album as a whole has a conceptually strong theme and brilliant execution. You will find dark ambient realms colliding with neo-classical minimalism within some very original arrangements. The power of these mostly string-instrument compositions cannot be overstated.

And from our Featured Label this month, Petroglyph music (

“Ison” – Project 9.2 – Outland (2014)

Tomas Perinka is the mastermind behind “Project 9.2.” He was born in 1974 in the Karlovy Vary –Carlsbad in Bohemian.–and lives now in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“Long Way Home” – Igl00 – Long Way Home (2014)

Igl00 was formed as a side-project of SandSpace with the intention of creating deeper and more minimalistic drone ambient that went beyond the scope of genres in which SandSpace normally resides. Driven by this intention (and insomnia at the same time), the SandSpace mastermind created the project in 2013.

“Untitled” – Dronny Darko & Sandspace – Untitled (2014)

Dronny Darko is an ambient driven, drone influenced synthetic music junkie from Kiev, Ukraine.

As a part of the band “MegaMass” performing prog metal mixed with ambient and sampled textures, he always liked non rhythmic sound stories and landscapes, though did not have enough time to sit and drown in those warm and blurry waves.

Dronny Darko adores well produced dark atmosphere and sustained sounds of the genre, that makes it hypnotic in a good sense. The darker, the better.

SandSpace is a Ukrainian Drone/Dark Ambient project, which uses field recordings as the main source of sound in his music.

“Diomede Islands” – Enoch’s VisionTemple of Life (2014)

From Hungarian composer Csaba Szentpétery comes a dark ambient project called Enoch’s vision. He was born in 1981, and studied information technology and desktop publishing. He learned to play violin and piano and then moved to synthesizer for a while. He has composed experimental music since 2004, and is constantly learning more about the genre, as it is constantly changing and evolving.

“Essay” – Sven Meyer – Essence of Journey (2014)

Sven Meyer is an electronic artist from Nuremberg, Germany. He grew up with music from the 70´s and still listens to contemporary music. He was influenced by the early electronic sounds of the synthesizers and especially early electronica from Germany. Ambient, Techno, Experimental, Noise, Electronic among his favorite genres, which he often combined together to create his characteristic sound.

“Music is something alive and fascinating. Wherever [sic] it Ambient, Techno, Noise, Minimal, Electronic and Experimental Music, which I myself and my style varies. It may sound dark or abstract. It may seem disturbing or even fascinating. You can like them or feel as disgusting, but it is the style that characterizes my music. I do not play music, rather I play with the music and the sounds.”

“Otra posiciòn normal” – Tiempo & Forma – Parte de la Belleza (2014)

Tiempo & Forma is the project of the Argentinean guitar player Emiliano Herrera, born in 2009. Mixing guitar textures with drum programming or playing rhythms with delayed guitar bits, most of his music is ambient, instrumental pop, instrumental guitar tracks, and sometimes songs. Parte de la belleza (Part of the beauty, in english) is the first Tiempo & Forma LP, and it’s also a compilation.


(Image By JLPC (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

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