The Rose Moon

This week’s full moon, sometimes called the “Rose Moon”, was the lowest in the sky that it’s been for a long time, and the first Friday the 13th full moon in nearly 100 years. The full moon brings out many deep things in us, of which we’re often not even aware. We write sonnets to it, we include it in countless artworks, we sing to it, we dream by it. It affects the tides of our home planet, and tugs on our bodies in similar fashion. So this week we celebrate the moon. [powerpress]

“Now the Moon” – Lucette Bourdin – Silver Moon (2009)

“Cactus Star” – Dave Luxton – Dark Moon (2011)

“Cold Moon Drift” – Phillip Wilkerson – Cold Moon Drift (2006)

“The Dark Moon IV” – Jon 7 – The Dark Moon (2006)

“Space Moon” – Moondark Project – Soleil Noir (2006)

“Moon and Star” – Steve Roach – Midnight Moon (2000)

“Rising from the Earth” – usr/sbin, aka Dennis Moser – The Pink Moon (2010)

“At the Moon Train Station” – WMRI – Moon Events (2009)

“Moonlit Flowers” – Juta Takahashi – Moonlit Flowers (2008)

“Moontribe” – Max Corbacho – Moontribe (2008)

“Riding the Tide” – Excelsior – Planets and Moons (2000)

“V” – Fellirium – Temple of the Moon (2008)

“Ancestral Moon” – Lily Pond Orchestra – On the Wings of a Dragonfly (2008)

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