New Releases: The Theatre of the Abstract

Abstract photograph of stone wall detail, taken 2012 by Rebekkah Hilgraves. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Abstract photograph of stone wall detail, taken 2012 by Rebekkah Hilgraves. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.This week’s edition focuses on more abstract ambient releases that rely on the listener’s imagination to provide the colors. From the Free Floating Music netlabel, we’ll hear Simon Slator’s Four Patterns, released in March of this year; Phrozenlight’s latest, called Electric Joy, was just released a few days ago; Disturbed Earth has been remastering and re-releasing some of his great analog works, and today we’ll hear the just-released Epic Theatre, from a 1977 live performance.


“Four Patterns” – Simon Slator – Four Patterns (2014)

Simon Slator’s Four Patterns is part of Free Floating Records’ “In Hindsight” project.

From The Artist:
This piece, my third official ambient release, was the first time I’d looked at creating something more mathematical and theoretical – my two previous ambient works both had a theme of some kind. As the name suggests, the piece consists of four distinct patterns of a few minutes each. Each pattern is repeated four times using four different synthesizer patches, but no two patterns were playing at the same time. It was about a weekend’s work in all – the Saturday spent composing the patterns and getting the right sound, the Sunday spent mixing and mastering, and it was released on the Monday!

I have been composing music on-and-off for almost twenty years, starting in his late teens. For the first few years, it was all melodic instrumental music created using very amateur technology; but around 2002, he started learning how to use virtual synthesizers and Digital Audio Workstations. Fortunately, this also coincided with my first experiences of Brian Eno and Steve Roach; and within months, my first proper Ambient piece, “6am”, was born. On release, I hoped that around fifty people in total would download it – the target was smashed in three days! Over the next two years, four more ambient ‘soundscapes’ appeared; but after that, life and family took over and I wouldn’t record anything new for almost ten years. Last year, armed with better technology and a greater musical knowledge, I started making music once again.

released 20 March 2014

All music by Simon Slator
Cover design by Brad Ross-MacLeod

“Relax Your Mind In Endless Streams of Illusions”
“Electric Joy or Repeat-Repeat And Never Change Is That An Option” – Phrozenlight – Electric Joy (2014)

Phrozenlight, also known as Bert Hülshoff, a Dutch ambient artist, creates richly atmospheric analog ambient sounds and sequences, and is a prolific composer, often releasing multiple albums in a single month. Electric Joy was just released a week before this show, and we are pleased to play it in its entirety.

“turbatus” – Disturbed Earth – Epic Theatre (1977/2014)

I used two reel to reel tape decks for over a year and a half from 1975 thru 1977 and during which, I had the time to play with ideas…formed what would become my sound/my way of playing guitar and effects. I formed these ideas into instrumental tunes, and later songwriting for others and ultimately my Disturbed Earth sound.

The instruments I played were a twin neck guitar (12 and 6)…thru a Korg VCF(Voltage Controlled Filter)pedal and a Mini-Korg700.

This was performed live in February 1977 with no edits and zooped up a bit in February of this year.

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