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Aural Films‘ “Fog Music” project is well underway, with plans for a total of 24 hours of music from various ambient artists composing their visions of what fog… sounds like. We have played the most recent releases in their entirety over the last few weeks, and this week we get to look ahead to what’s coming over the next few months.

Because these tracks have not yet been released as of this show, we are not publishing a podcast this week. Follow the links in this post for info on all the artists, and on Aural Films’ various projects!

“Fog Music” – Ade Hodges – Fog Music 9

Ade Hodges – Cheltenham, UK

Ade Hodges produces experimental ambient electronic sounds inspired by the dark early work of mentor, Cousin Silas, Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ period, Nurse With Wound and Coil, and the wayward electronics of Krautrockers like Ash Ra Tempel and Cluster.
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 “Layers of Fog” – M.NOMIZED – Fog Music 11

M.Nomized – Paris, France

M.Nomized is a recording artist, mail artist, author, collagist and painter who was born Madrange Michel in Paris in 1956. He started his work in 1975 with contemporary music and sound research. In the subsequent 39 years he has appeared on more than 200 solo, collaboration and compilation CD and tape releases on his own Fraction Studio label, and on numerous European, Japanses, and American labels. M.Nomized has recorded and created music in many different styles, including experimental, electronic, minimalist and repetitive musics, industrial, Indian music, Algerian music, noise, cyclic and loop-based music, children’s theater, ambient, piano, and spoken word. He was an important figure in the homemade music scene of the 1980s and 1990s, and was well-known for his recordings as a member of No Unauthorized. M.Nomized has collaborated with De Fabriek, Don Campau, Mr.Moto, Carsten Olbrich, The Legendary Poptones, Daniele Brusaschetto, Kora, Messy, Silentport, William Spivey, Mlehst and many others.

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“Engulfed Landscape” – Christopher Alvarado – Fog Music 12

Christopher Alvarado – Salt Lake City, Utah

Christopher Alvarado is a multi instrumentalist who’s primary methods of producing are sound manipulation, ambient and experimental music. Alvarado has been playing and performing since 1985 with diversified bands such as Harsh Reality, 23 Extacy, Little Sap Dungeon and a plethora of others in the blues, punk(hardcore), industrial, gothic, folk, rock, electronic and now ambient and experimental genres. Alvarado has interest in world anthropology and curiosity of how different cultures come to have similar yet different ideas in art, religion and conquest.

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“What the Fog Is Going On?” – Head Joint – Fog Music 13

Head Joint – Atlanta, GA

Victor Rivkin, Head Joint’s front man, believes the world has no real barriers, only what we set for ourselves. The lyrics to the song War are another good example of his feelings; while he hopes Head Joint’s lyrical content doesn’t come across as preachy or overbearingly political, he doesn’t hid that he has a view he feels he is willing to share at times. Independent though is also very valuable in his mind, and with it he feels his vocal contributions go hand in hand with improvisational music and freeform composition. To push the envelope is to be experimental, progressive, and free.

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“Rotunda” – Simon Slator – Fog Music 14

Simon Slator, Tamworth, UK

Born and raised in the heart of the Black Country (an area of the West Midlands in England, north and west of Birmingham), Simon eschewed the typical Black Country past-times of cock-fighting and public drunken vulgarity to create longform ambient/drone pieces with themes or concepts.

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  1. listened and enjoyed the first 3 of the show,but was tired so missed last 2,am listening to last hour of pod to catch up hahahaha

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