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As we near the end of summer in the northern hemisphere, we thought it might be fun to share a virtual barbecue At Water’s Edge. For this week’s edition, we’ll be spinning a variety of ambient beats, and for those who are joining us via Livestream, we also share pictures of your barbecues! [powerpress] “The Magic Realm of Existence” – Kamarius – Heart Experiences (The Renewal of Soul) (2014)

Using as its basis an old album, Heart Experiences (The Renewal of Soul) turned out to be a new refreshed work. All of the tracks on this album are tuned to 432 Hz to increase the vibrational message and the inner sense. It induces different ambiances reflecting the human life in the realm of Existence: Mystical, Emotional, Warm, Spiritual, Loving, Compassionate, Hopeful, Beautiful, Longing and others. 

Becoming a Ghost” – Toaster (Todd Elliott) – I Was Alison Madrigal (not yet released) “Cruising The Martian Canals – Slaithwaite 4” – Cousin Silas and Kevin Lyons “Elke Star Spinward Approach” – Spontaneous Fantasia (J-Walt Adamczyk) “Arctica” – Cloudwalk – Age of Discovery

Cloudwalk is the ambient and electronic project of Montana musician Paul Mehlhaff.

It is a journey that travels through acoustic instruments, electronic textures, and spacious improvisations that inspire the imagination. With a love for nylon string guitar and classic synthesizers, Mehlhaff has worked with ambient music for over 20 years

“Suryast” – Christopher Alvarado Ceaseless cover art final“Ceaseless 1” – Roy MattsonCeaseless

mattson-bbq1A rhythmic and atmospheric journey through transitional and steady zones. Driving hypno-beats, stratospheric ambiences, mellow punctuations, drawn out fluid pulses, cloud-like expanses, and misty drifts all play out in this musical excursion that reflects the ceaseless and incessant force of life.

“Still Streaming in the Shade” – Michael Brückner – Ombra Revisited (Rebekkah’s Second Shadow)

This release by Michael Brückner is a huge and very detailed undertaking, and makes each person’s version unique. There are tons of bonus tracks in the “standard” release, and then Michael adds a “Your Second Shadow” set, where each individual album is different from any other of its “brethren”, yet is related to them in concept and musical content. So Rebekkah’s Second Shadow will be slightly different from John’s Second Shadow, which will in turn be different from Mary’s Second Shadow, and so on.

“Relaxed Amalgamation” – uropatwin

uropatwin (Kelly P. Chambers) is a new artist in the Stillstream family, though certainly not new to the music world. Born in Alameda California in 1962, he has been playing electronic music for 30+ years. He’s currently writing & recording on a fulltime basis and you can find everything he has produced at

“Born Into a New World” – Delicate Apparatus – Songs the Sun Taught Us

Delicate Apparatus is the ambient music project of Chris Newman. Songs The Sun Taught Us explores new territory and incorporates elements of glitch, downtempo, industrial, and noise, while maintaining the familiar ambient and cinematic overtones. Having decided to focus fulltime on Delicate Apparatus, he includes two tracks in this album previously released under the moniker Crypton Radio Club: “Soul System” and the Bowie/Eno cover “Warzsawa”.

“Nepalese Sun” – IshqSunflower

Sunflower is a compilation of both released and unreleased tracks by Ishq which is compiled and released on Ishq’s Virtual label as one long listening experience.

The album features various tracks including some alternative and kind of forgotten pieces of music written over the last 7 years.

“UFO 1” – mystified (Thomas Jackson Park) – The UFO Hoax

All tracks written according to Project Blue Book code. The truth is out there.

“B6” – Stephen Briggs “Campfire song” – Lenin loves ElectronicaOffshore “Rolling Waves” – Jack Hertz – (unreleased)

This track was inspired by the recent earthquake in Napa, and finished only a day before this broadcast! Jack tells us that it’s his first foray into live percussion after many years.

coverSlow Jam with flute and water” – Bing Satellites – Little Waves

While it is an old track, the Little Waves EP that it comes from is being released on CD (with a new cover) this week.

It was originally released on BFW recordings –  but the reissue is being self-released.

“Peaceful Contentment” – Paul AvgerinosBhakti

This brand new release from Paul Avgerinos is a celebration of love and devotion. Avgerinos offers a joyful and uplifting feast for the ears in this East meets West and Christian meets Hindu riot of sound.

“Ahimsa” – Antara Annemarie Borg

Another as-yet-unreleased track, the title Ahimsa represents a multidimensional concept inspired by the premise that all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself. Ahimsa has also been related to the notion that any violence has Karmic consequences.

All music/lyrics/vocals/mix and mastering were done by the artist.

lyrics:  We belong to the world you painted with our souls…

           To hear a symphony of sound divine, so divine…

           To see inside the torment the power of your light…

           To feel the harmony of love divine, so divine…

Annemarie Borg is of French and Swedish background. A graduate in Law/Psychology/Acting and Opera studies and performance, she is currently based in the UK. Though classically trained, she makes Post Ambient Acousmatic and live music inspired by nature.

She is a composer-singer/writer/freelance tutor and trainer in performance studies/speaker, and an environmentalist. Her live performances and talks, as well as visual work, involve classical repertoire, scripting her own one woman shows, electronic music mix and playing instruments live, singing and visuals. Some of her recent talks include The infinite power of frequencies and vibrations, Sound and communication in the context of the Natural world (whale songs and Ocean preservation), and Creativity and Education.  

She is founder of the Antara Project, focusing on Creativity in Education.  

==== Video archive is available via Livestream: (and includes BUTTWIGGLE by request).

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