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Today’s edition of At Water’s Edge features music created around string instruments–plucked, hammered, prepared, altered, processed, etc. We’ll hear from Stephen Briggs, Luong Hue Trinh, Ade Hodges and Cousin Silas, James Hoehl, Psicodreamics Salva Moreno (Psicodreamics), Mystified and Daniel Barbiero, and Cryogenic and Disturbed Earth.


“Tagore” – Stephen Briggs – (unreleased, 2014)

Written especially in memory of Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali polymath who reshaped Bengali literature and music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He won the Nobel prize in Literature in 1913. This track recorded live is in remembrance of Tagore, especially for Biswajit Das, a young musician in West Bengal.

“To vo” – Luong Hue Trinh (unreleased)

Luong Hue Trinh is a Vietnamese musician and performance artist based in Hanoi. She studied music at Vietnam National Academy of Music, and performs regularly using a blend of sampled traditional instruments and field sounds to create a unique auditory experience.

“In the Green Light”
“The solemn blues of space” – Ade Hodges and Cousin Silas – In the Green Light (2014)

In the Green Light (waag_rel056) by Ade Hodges & Cousin Silas is the next instalment in an ongoing series of collaborations between the two artists. It features six earthy, nearly impenetrable walls-of-sound that are not for the claustrophobic.

Ade Hodges wrote of this release:

His Lordship [Cousin Silas] sent me a load of what he called ‘noodles’ – basically stems, loops, atmospherics, bits of guitar – most of them a few seconds to a minute long. I then looped them, reversed them, slapped some echo and wah-wah on, found some exotic birds (the feathered kind) on Youtube and slapped them on.

“space trip” – Red Clouds (James Hoehl) (unreleased, 2014)

“Azhdark Passion (Fantasynth version) – PsicodreamicsAzhdark Passion (single) (2014)

In 2004 Salva Moreno composed the album Azhdark Passion, based upon a fantasy novel entitled “Night’s Master” written by Tanith Lee (this female writer is considered the queen of fantasy). I tried to create music passages about the adventures and misdeed of Azhrarn, the prince of demons, who lived in UnderEarth and came to surface at nightfall to torment the mortals. AZHDARK PASSION (Fantasynth Mix) is a new version of the original 2004 track. A renewed version containing new percussions and new sound effects in a more contemporary style, a mixture of chillout and ambient genres.

Numinous Transmissions (entire release) – Mystified and Daniel Barbiero – (2014)

  • “Stars”
  • “Chant”
  • “Drums”
  • “Sky”
  • “Radio”
  • “Rain”

Exploring sounds and ideas of the sacred using Daniel Barbiero’s double bass and Mystified’s sounds and mixing. Some sounds by Daniel Barbiero, and special thanks also to Shane Morris for the use of 2 of his field recordings.

Gentle (entire release) – Cryogenic and Disturbed Earth (2014)

Originally recorded in August of 2006 by Cryogenic and Disturbed Earth (Dean Richards), this release uses guitar, pedal harmonium, Disturbed Earth’s signature tape delay processing, and electronics from Croatian ambient artist Cryogenic–from whom Dean has not heard in six years. It’s this month’s featured release on Stillstream radio. We all hope that Cryogenic surfaces again soon and safely!

  • “Dying in Silence”
  • “Fear of Falling”
  • “Frozen from Inside”
  • “I Walk in Shadows”
  • “When the Soul Burns”

“Ica” – Jon Rudolph – (unreleased, 2014)

Using a sampled charango plus synths, this short track is a poetic melding of traditional and modern sounds.


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