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Weather and atmospheric conditions are sources of inspiration for an incredible array of ambient music. Aural Films’ ambitious and compelling “Fog Music” series is an excellent example. This week we bring you a sampling–and we’re *barely* scratching the surface–of musical depictions of weather, atmosphere, and the seasons. We’ll hear from Tim Kays, Ishq (this month’s featured artist on Stillstream), SiJ, Magnetic Wind and Cousin Silas.

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Under a Blanket of Stars“Drifting” – Magnetic WindUnder a Blanket of Stars (2014)

Working in original composition, Magnetic Wind employs soft synths, melodies along with pianos, world percussion, soft voice effects, field recordings and experimentation with organic instrumentation to create arrangements with a cinematic depth. She has been featured on public, college and internet radio around the world.

soundofsilas“In One Corner Of The Sky”
“Endless Summer” – Cousin Silas – The Sound of Silas (2014)

The first weareallghosts physical release features photography by Oleg Tishkovets in a beautiful fold out digipack created by Brin Coleman (aka Bing Satellites) for

The music on this double CD is by everyone’s favourite cousin – Cousin Silas – and was mastered by Tim Jones. The first CD contains remastered ‘classics’ along with a brand new mini dronescape whereas the second CD contains approximately 70 minutes of brand new music.

On the inside Kevin Lyons waxes lyrical for the liner notes, giving us food for thought on his pal Silas.

Of Rime And Reason“Of Rime and Reason” – Tim Kays – Of Rime and Reason (2014)

Rime is an ice formation, similar to hoarfrost as it is a result of a wintertime fog in Tim’s neck o’ the woods. During the overnight hours, a fog slowly descends as the temperatures slowly fall. Usually between 3 and 5 a.m., the surface temperatures will drop to 32 degrees on exposed, non-insulated surfaces. When that atmospheric quantity is attained, the microscopic droplets of water vapor of the fog slowly pass over these surfaces, leaving behind equally microscopic ice crystals. These ice formations slowly accumulate until after sunrise, when the surface temperatures again climb over the freezing mark and the fog ascends. When that happens, ice accumulation ceases, and once the sun warms the air enough, the ice formations shatter and slowly fall earthward, resembling snow in their descent.

‘Of Rime and Reason’ documents the slow fall of the temperatures as the fog builds, with the crescendo ¾ of the way through representing the moment when the surface temperature attains the all-important 32 degree mark…and the magic of rime formation then commences.

The cover photograph is a ‘treated’ view of rime as it began to form on an evergreen tree in my front yard. Each ‘crystal’ is made up of hundreds of water vapor droplets, and totals around 1/8 to 3/16” in length. You can tell which way the fog was drifting over the foliage by the direction of the ice accumulations.

Ishq-floweringmountainearthFlowering mountain earth (entire release) – Ishq (2012)
– “Rainmaking”
– “Mountain”
– “Jatoba”
– “Myst”
– “Cloud Forest”

(Ishq is our featured artist this month on Stillstream)

Ishq is an ambient music project of Matt Hillier and Jacqueline Kersley; they are based in St Ives Cornwall, UK and have been making music since about 1995 under various guises including Indigo egg, Ishvara, Elve, and a few other alter egos. Ishq music skirts between IDM electronica, deep ambience and even has some newage overtones. The emphasis seems to be on music as harmony and they have quite a catalog of releases available.

‘Flowering mountain earth’ sees Ishq return to the imaginary world first explored through Fluid earth and in some sense is a continuation of the journey exploring higher into the arboreal cloudforests and mountain regions.

A drifting and meadering album of strange tribal beats, woodland harmonies and chants and nature sounds which intermingle into an otherworldy sea of green.

The Water ShrineThe Water Shrine (entire release) – SiJ (2014)
– “Mist”
– “The Water Shrine”
– “Realm of Eternal Rain”

(Earth Mantra is our featured label this month on Stillstream)

 “This album seems to me as a fictional meditation-travel to a shrine of water. In this work I tried to reproduce a delicate, enveloping surround sound which would force the listener to dive and plunge into the atmosphere of the music. I believe that it is best to listen to this music at night or even sleep under it.

This album is the first chapter in the series “Shrine”, which I plan to write.” – Vladislav Sikach

Video archive available at

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