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All about the remix on this edition of At Water’s Edge: artists who have remixed each other’s works, adding their own unique voice to an already excellent track.


The video archive of today’s program, featuring paintings by Ade Hodges, is available here.

Sound of Silas cover artYou’ve heard the news about the latest release from We are all ghosts? Cousin Silas (Music)‘s grand Sound of Silas? Well, one of the nifty things that they’re doing is offering bonus tracks to those folks who purchase the CD (and there are only a few left!). Those tracks have a unique spin: they’re remixes by other great ambient artists of Cousin’s work, and ONLY available if you buy the CD… or listen to this show. 😉

PrintIn addition, Christopher Alvarado is releasing a remix project of his recent (and excellent) Creation by Inertia. This latest release (coming soon!) is called Modified by Inertia, and we’re taking a slightly different approach. Instead of playing first one album and then the other, we’re playing the original track and its remix one after the other–so the two albums are laced together.

To fill out the show (but by no means an afterthought), we have two remix tracks in the opposite direction: Cousin Silas remixes of tracks by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, plus a remix by Apta of an original track by Northcape.

The Kindness of Women (Do you dream in Silas? – the Jack Hertz revision) Cousin Silas Silas is Golden – a Tribute to Cousin Silas
Slow Expansion (Continuous Expansion – the Kevin Lyons remix) Cousin Silas Silas is Golden – a Tribute to Cousin Silas
Dronescape 011 (the Bing Satellites revisit) Cousin Silas Silas is Golden – a Tribute to Cousin Silas
Gratitude Expanding (the Shane Morris grateful mix) Cousin Silas Silas is Golden – a Tribute to Cousin Silas
Thank You (Thanks th’sen, lad – the Ade Hodges reworking) Cousin Silas Silas is Golden – a Tribute to Cousin Silas
Arrive Rutledge Col – Apta Remix (waag_sng003) Northcape Arrive Rutledge Col – Apta Remix (waag_sng003)
For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky Cousin Silas & Kuutana Silas & Friends vol 2 (waag_rel032)
Americanah Cousin Silas and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Silas & Friends | Volume 3
The Loneliness of the Chameleon Cousin Silas & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Notes from the author of “The Loneliness of the Chameleon” (story):

This track means a lot to me. It was first made as a clip for literary agents and networkers in the English speaking  world, for the novel (about actual true crime in Berlin) is still published in German language only.

A friend of mine, American author and teacher Michael Kroetch, also living in Berlin, translated, edited, intonated and „filmed“ what he considered as the main essence of my book – which lays in this chapter.

That´s why I send you attached the link to my blog. So you can see:

a) the videoclip, which was the basis of Sean D. Cooper´s and Cousin Sila´s wonderful work on it

b) a summary of my book in English (whose main caracter is a called Rebekka too) and

c) The English chapter which the whole clip – then track – is based on (once on my blog you just click on: The extract shown in the trailer the chameleon (3))


While this will be broadcasted on saturday I will have a public reading of „The Loneliness of the Chameleon“-book on a reading tour through Germany. I feel blessed about this time-wise coincidence.

An Eternity of Eyes by Christopher Alvarado Christopher Alvarado Modified by Inertia
Respiration Christopher Alvarado Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052)
Respiration-Sankirtana mix by M.Nomized Christopher Alvarado with M.Nomized Modified by Inertia
Celestial Sphere Christopher Alvarado Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052)
Celestial Sphere mix by Delicate Apparatus Christopher Alvarado with Delicate Apparatus Modified by Inertia
Infinite Helix Christopher Alvarado Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052)
Infinite Helix mix by Ade Hodges Christopher Alvarado with Ade Hodges Modified by Inertia
Prelude to Life Forms Christopher Alvarado Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052)
Prelude to Life Forms mix by Symatic Star Christopher Alvarado with Symatic Star Modified by Inertia
Whirlpool in Reality Christopher Alvarado Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052)
Whirlpool In Reality – Deep Sink by William Spivey Christopher Alvarado with William Spivey Modified by Inertia
Journey to Origins Christopher Alvarado Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052)
Journey To Origins mix by Mystified Christopher Alvarado with Mystified Modified by Inertia

Also, a new feature this week on the Livestream video feed: we will begin curating art works in future shows. This week we feature the paintings of our friend Ade Hodges.

He uses acrylic paint on canvas and incorporate bits of fabric, beer bottle caps and other flotsam (which is why we think his work is good with a “remix” program!). His style is surreal fantasy involving abstraction with a nod toward 1950s poster art. Ade loves science fiction and fantasy and his images are suggestions of alien planets and the like. His works have adorned the covers of several ambient albums recently, which he owes to Cousin Silas, an old friend who introduced him to the community.

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