Nevermore (Part 3)

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The Nevermore project continues with a third edition of the program (yay!) on this week’s […]

Die Toteninsel

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This week we hear from our Featured Artist, Andrew Lahiff, along with several of the latest Fog […]

Something Old, Something New

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Ambient music has come to mean many things, and the definition is pretty open to interpretation. Some works are purely noise/glitch, using only electronics…and some are a fascinating use of traditional acoustic instruments and/or voices, and some are combinations of both.

On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we look at the creative ways that traditional sounds are incorporated into ambient music, featuring three different ambient artist projects: Red Planet Orchestra, Bryan Carrigan, and Tom Caufield.

The video broadcast features the paintings of Mumtaz Hussain, a Pakistani artist and filmmaker who has made his home in New York City for many years. His work combines traditional media and images of South Asian antiquity with a modern abstract approach, blending old and new, East and West.

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