The Long Night, Part 2

More recent Fog Music releases from Aural Films, featuring works of Playman54, Lutz Thuns, Dan Pound, Symatic Star, William Spivey, Metlay!, and Yeti Wolf, and featuring photography of Mona Be4 Photoart, as well as images from a collection of old photos from a small town in Ohio, courtesy of Tim Kays.

The video archive is available at

Aural Films is an online record label (netlabel) that releases high-quality soundtrack albums for movies that do not exist. The label publishes a wide range of music styles ranging from ambient to experimental to popular to soundtrack musics. Often on the same albums. You can find their complete catalog of releases online at

Also note that Aural Films is offering special edition DVDs of the Fog Music series. Check here for more details:

“Reflections (riding through forgotten industrial fog)” – Playman54 – Fog Music 20

“Fog Music” – Lutz Thuns – Fog Music 21

“Through the Fog” – Dan Pound – Fog Music 22

“Passage Through Fog” – Symatic Star – Fog Music 23

“Mountain Fog” – William Spivey – Fog Music 26

“On Little Cat Feet” – metlay! – Fog Music 27

“Into Fogever” – Yeti Wolf – Fog Music 28

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