Relaxing with Machinery

Hot-off-the-presses new music from Relaxed Machinery and Databloem this week on At Water’s Edge.

We get a sneak preview of a new album from Broken Harbour (Blake Gibson) and Robert Davies called Quiraing. It’s scheduled for release on 25 January on the Databloem label, so if you tune in to At Water’s Edge, you’ll get to hear it early!

We also hear Frore’s brand new release “Cyclic Movement”, which had its official launch on the 23rd (only the day before this edition of At Water’s Edge).

We’ll be hearing some excellent recent tracks from Steve Brand and Roy Mattson to round out the program.

Quiraing – Broken Harbour (Blake Gibson) and Robert Davies

  1. Quiraing – 10:57
  2. Seaside Surreal – 6:42
  3. Moorlands  – 13:13
  4. Stone Circle – 8:04
  5. Megalith – 8:17
  6. Lochs Obscured – 7:22
  7. Sunshowers – 9:35
  8. Only Rain – 5:26

Taking inspiration from the epic landscapes found in Scotland, Quiraing was recorded over 2 years during 2012-2014 during what was a prolific time for Robert.  The album survived my bouts with writers block, sickness, family crisis and 2 computer failures, the fact that I stand here 3 years after we started, with a finished project to present to you, makes me extremely excited, and frankly, a little relieved.

I was stunned and excited when Robert accepted my invitation to do a record together.  Robert and I have very different writing methodologies, and working with him was both challenging and rewarding, and I feel our unique ways of working contributed to a very unique sound on this release.  It truly doesn’t sound like anything else out there at the moment.  Robert really blew my away with his contributions, I loved working with him on Quiraing, and I hope it’s only the first of several collaborations together.

Cyclic Movement – Frore

  1. Spirit Call
  2. Northern Winds
  3. Gavia
  4. The Bell Garden
  5. Fading Embers
  6. Luminous

Frore is Paul Casper, an electronic musician from Virginia Beach VA. His is music that evokes a dark thoughtful, primitive, atmosphere for reflection and/or dreaming. Paul believes that it’s music that connects us with “something”, but has yet to figure out what that is. . . .

Oh well, one more mystery is always welcome

“Unlost (strange lights and firefly stars)” – Steve Brand and Roy Mattson – Meltstream (2014)

“Quiet Moments in the Garden with You” – Steve Brand – The Space Between (2014)

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