Nevermore (Part 4)

The final installment in the Nevermore series, an ongoing project built around the sounds of Mojave Desert ravens, this week’s program includes tracks by Playman54, Simon Slator, Michael Brückner, Tom Caufield, James Shain, Sonic Bodhi, and Skr0!nk. These are all wildly varying interpretations of the same material, and are part of a fascinating survey of ambient styles.

Images here and in the video broadcast by the excellent Mona Be4 Photoart, who is now the unofficial official photographer for the Nevermore project. 🙂

“Nevermore the Raven Cried” – Playman54

“Nevermore” – Simon Slator

“Rebekkah’s Second Raven (remix)” – Michael Brückner

“Empress Reversed” – Tom Caufield

“Nevermore” – James Shain

“Raven Falls” – Sonic Bodhi

“Take Thy Beak From Out My Heart” – Skr0!nk

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