Wings of an Angel

We devote this show to the music of a single ambient artist, the weird and wonderful (and I do mean that in a good way) Wings of an Angel.

Wings of an Angel is Felix Kaplan, an independent outsider ambient artist from Israel. His introspective creative/musical autobiography explores eccentric deep lands, intimate memories and unorthodox humor with strong self-reflective undertones. He presents his life’s work in the best esoteric tradition of art brut, with an equal emphasis on the trinity of music, expressive song titles and original cover art.

“I’ve Witnessed The Miracle That Is You In The Water Castle” – Wings of an Angel and Tziona Achishena – Dialogues of Longing (March 2015)

“Ghosts Of My Past” – Ghosts of my Past

“Your Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives” – Your Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives

“The Nostalgic Melody Of Nature’s World-Weary Degeneration Into Suicide (To Me… You Were Never Beautiful. Therefore I’m Still Running From Myself, Like I Ran Once Upon A Time… From You)” – In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart

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