Built around a new acquisition in StillStream‘s library, this edition of At Water’s Edge features a recent album by Sequentia Legenda: BLUE DREAM.

It also features more music by our friend Palancar, without whom StillStream would not be possible. Be sure to tune in on Saturday 2-5pm Pacific (4-7pm Central, 5-8pm Eastern, 21:00-00:00 UTC) for BLUE.


“April 26, 2008 (Blue Sky, Dark Landscape)” – Palancar – Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog Collection Twelve (2008)

“Blue and Green” – Arcticology – Looking for Satellites (2008)

“Blue and Glowing Days” – Lucette Bourdin – Golden Sun (2009)

“Blue and Orange Around White Objects” – SineRider – Like a Ray of Light (2010)

BLUEDREAMcoverBLUE DREAM – Sequentia Legenda (2014)
– Fly Over Me
– The Approach (Bonus Track 1)
– Vibrations (Bonus Track 2)

Sequentia Legenda Official

Sequentia Legenda Bandcamp


BLUE DREAM on Facebook


“Symphony No 4 – Into The Blue (earth Moving Tremors)” – Phrozenlight – Kaleidoscoop (2014)

“blue dream” – Red Clouds – Dream Land (2013)

One thought on “BLUE

  1. J’ai passé un agréable moment en compagnie de Rebekkah Hilgraves. Ce fut pour moi un plaisir et une belle expérience. Un beau travail, une belle voix, un GRAND cœur. Merci.
    Sequentia Legenda

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