New Horizons I

coverThe world watched this week as New Horizons approached Pluto, snapping pictures at better and better resolution. The human race has many milestones, and this is among a short list of our greatest achievements so far.

So let’s take a break from our stories of economic collapse and socio-political angst to celebrate together this massive collective achievement.

We’ll be airing selections from Aural Films‘ special release New Horizons: Pluto Flyby Soundtracks Project ( along with NASA images.

Part 1 of 3!

Video archive

  • “The Great Renewer” – Another Neglected Hobby
  • “New Horizons” – Asuntar
  • “Pluto on its way” – Birgit Bechtold
  • “Multispectral Imager” – Breaking Light
  • “Pluto Passby Chronicle 1” – Candy L
  • “Pluto And Beyond” – Christian Fiesel
  • “Breaking the Confines” – Christopher Alvarado
  • “Our Revels Now Are Ended” – Christopher Frame
  • “Pluto Flyby Telemetry (2015.” – Concrescence
  • “Galatea Via Pluto” – Cousin Silas
  • “134340” – Crème Douche
  • “Kuiper Belt” – The Dead Society
  • “As Far As Pluto” – Eastward_In_Eden
  • “Gravitational Signal Interference” – Endless Void
  • “Perceptions Beyond The Horizon” – Former Descent
  • “A Momentary Meeting” – Glenn Smith
  • “Kuiper’s Belt” – Graham McArthur
  • “Far Horizons Approaching” – Grant Basma Horsnell
  • “Departure To Pluto” – Gueuze Music
  • “Which Way To Pluto – Dwarf Planet Strut” – Instagon
  • “X Planet Pluto” – Izzy Voondu
  • “Reaching Pluto” – Jack Hertz
  • “Voyage to Pluto” – Jamuroo

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