New Horizons II

(Pre-recorded episode)
More music and images around the New Horizons Pluto Flyby mission this week, featuring more tracks from the Aural Films​’ living project called New Horizons: Pluto Flyby Sountracks.

#Pluto – Jeremy Muller
Barycenter – Kevin Martin
3 Billion Miles – Kieran Mahon
Travel To A Dwarf Planet – M.Nomized
Leaving Charon Behind – Martin Neuhold
Above Pluto – Mean Flow
Transpluto – Michael BrÃ_ckner
Encounter with Pluto – A Multitude of One
Pluto Waves Farewell – musicformessier & Cousin Silas
Transmitting from space – MyklH
SubZero Flyby – Mystified
Over There – Ophed
The door of Pluto – Peter Irock
Plutonian news flash-alien object flyby – Playman54
Kuiper Belt Encounter – Robert Otto
Riding the Space Currents to Pluto – Scott Lawlor
LORRI – Scott Snee
exoplanets – sevenism
The Long Way [Pluto] – Stan Dart
Passing Percival’s Planet – Steve Rose

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