Earth 2.0

Inspired by the discovery of Kepler-452b, this program celebrates our continual reach for the stars. We’ll feature images from NASA’s Kepler and other mission libraries from over the years, as well as tracks from many of our favorite space music artists.

Countdown to Departure – Robert Otto – Tau Ceti (2015)

Skies – Deep Warmth – Among Stars (2013)

TwilightBlue III – The Color of Sleep – TwilightBlue (2015)

Reaching The Dark Expanse – Endless Void – The Dark Expanse (2015)

Inside The World Machine (Melodic Mix) – SoundChaser – Inside The World Machine – (2015)

Planetary Drift – Sherry Finzer & Mark Holland – Flute Flight (2015)

The Nature We Will Find – Deep Warmth – Earth 2.0 (2015)

Slow Rotating Watersphere – Endless Void – The Dark Expanse (2015)

Tau Ceti – Robert Otto – Tau Ceti (2015)

“Psydub 1 [K-PAX]” – Mokano7

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