The Color of Sleep

The Color of Sleep is a new project from the prolific artist we also know as Kuutana and Sequential Dreams, among other names. So far comprising three dreamy (pun intended) albums, each an hour or more in length, this collection epitomizes ambient music at its best. Sophisticated sounds, movement without intrusion, and the kind of music one could easily dream into, this is a great new entry in the ambient canon.

We are pleased to present all three albums in the order they were released today: SeaGreen, TwilightBlue, and CloudWhite. We hear that there’s more to come in the near future as well, so watch for more from The Color of Sleep!

SeaGreen I
SeaGreen II
SeaGreen III

TwilightBlue I
TwilightBlue II
TwilightBlue III
TwilightBlue IV
TwilightBlue V

CloudWhite I
CloudWhite II
CloudWhite III
CloudWhite IV
CloudWhite V

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