The Warmth of the Dying Sun

As we fold ourselves into autumn in the northern hemisphere and contemplate the beauty of this season, we watch the sun leave us as trees trade their summer finery for autumn glory. In a spectacular–and all too short–burst of brilliance, the world around us is transformed.

So, too, the stars: steady and beautiful in life, spectacular in death. The death of a sun is autumn on a cosmic scale.

Today we hear both. We’ll hear a track written specifically for today’s program by Christopher Alvarado: “Autumn’s Edge”, as well as two tracks from his recently released “A Desolate Eternal” ( Most of today’s program will be taken up by a brand new release from ELYSIUM (David Gerard) called “as we bask in the warmth of a dying star” (, an album five years in the making, and featuring Rutger Holst – synths & effex; David Gerard – piano, guitar, synths; Paul Christensen – bass & synths. 

To round out the program, a track from Juta Takahashi’s recent re-release of “The Door Into Winter” (, we’ll hear the title track.

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