The Peaceful Quiet Dark

Continuing our theme of peace and quiet, today’s program features a brand new release by Wolfgang Gsell, PEACE, and a long-form ambient track by Joe McMahon called VIOLA, FOGBOUND — it’s a processed and experimented-on version of a Dvorák work for viola and piano — and a smattering of shorter (relatively speaking) tracks by Phillip Wilkerson, Altus, Juta Takahashi, Andrew Lahiff, Dave Luxton, and Erik Wøllo. (Sorry, no video this week.)

PEACE – Wolfgang Gsell (2015)

  • Peace – Movement 1
  • Peace – Movement 2
  • Peace – Movement 3
  • Peace – Movement 4
  • Peace – Movement 5
  • Water Dancer
  • Friends
  • Wings Of My Heart

“Viola, Fogbound (Antonin Dvorak: Sonatina for violin and piano in G Major, Op. 100 (arr. for viola))” – “Dima Murrath, viola; Vincent Planes, piano, Joe McMahon, processing” – “Viola, Fogbound” (2015)

Cradled in Darkness – Phillip Wilkerson – Amorphous Worlds (2007)

Darker Skies Toward the Horizon – Altus – Black Trees Among Amber Skies (2010)

Silence – Juta Takahashi – Silence (2010)

Silent Realms of Dreaming – Andrew Lahiff – Origins of the Eternal Journey (2008)

Dark Moon – Dave Luxton – Dark Moon (2011)

Quiet River – Erik Wøllo – Guitar Nova (1998)

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