Winter Solstice

There is so much about winter that appeals to us, and yet scares us — dare I say “chills us” — the sun retreating, the cold settling in. Our primitive selves fear this time of year, for there’s that deep part of us that doesn’t believe the sun is coming back. And yet, there is so much beauty in winter. It’s not the lush green beauty of summer, but instead gradations of browns and greys, a more subtle kind of art in nature. And the roots are still growing, doing mysterious things under the frost.

On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we’re celebrating the winter solstice (with winter photos by Kuutana in the video stream!).

“Snowflakes in Moonlight” – Kuutana

“Otto’s Approach (Robert Rich Remaster)” – Mystified

“Ballolalow (Ceremony of Carols)” – The Morgan Sisters – Winter, Snow & Strings – 2004

“Silently Winter’s Night Ends” – Playman54
(loosely based, according to the composer, on “Silent Night”)

“Winter” – Janne Hanhisuanto – Padmospheres – 2007

“Orion” – Altus – Sidereal Cycle 3 – 2012

“The Door Into Winter” – Juta Takahashi – The Door Into Winter – 2012

“Chant of Nature’s Winter” I and II – SAVO and Disturbed Earth – So Far – 2009

“Drift ~ Frequency Unknown, Location Uncertain” – usr/sbin – Deep Winter, North Texas Skies – 2005

“Ebb in Winter” – Forrest Fang – Phantoms – 2009

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