Ring in the new year with new music, and a mashup of photos and images we’ve used in the past couple of years.

Leaving The Past – Wolfgang Gsell – Leaving The Past – 2015

Darren Harper – Movements For An Absent Mind – 2014

  • Movement One~Nowhere; Asleep
  • Movement Two~Gradient Shift
  • Movement Three~By Way Of Water

Firelight – Steve Roach – Emotions Revealed – 2016

Desert Eternal – Steve Roach – Live In Tucson – Pinnacle Moments 02-14-2015 – 2015

Same as it Ever Was – Another Neglected Hobby (Mark Cotton) – Remainders – 2015

One More Time – Wolfgang Gsell – Leaving The Past – 2015

A Universe Made of Glass – Kevin Lyons – unreleased – 2015

Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons – Interplanetary Blues (waag_rel079) – 2015

  • Magellan Sunrise
  • Suburban Dream Sequence
  • The Calling of the Old Ones
  • They Keep Coming Back

Author: Rebekkah Hilgraves

*RadHaus Solutions*: ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant. Marketo Certified Expert. Solutions Architect. Marketing automation implementation, integration, best practices, governance. Marketing automation, with a heavy dose of nerd. http://radhaus.solutions *RadHaus Studio*: Broadcast and recording engineer, media production manager, cable monkey, marketing dork, project manager, chief cook and bottle-washer. http://radhaus.studio

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