Night Lights

Alghero Nachtlaternen Sardinien - image by Silva Wischeropp

Two albums and two photographers on this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge. We’ll hear the new release from Cloudwalk (Paul Mehlhaff): Song of Night, Song of Light, and we’re pairing that with an enormous and beautiful collaboration between Scott Lawlor (StillStream’s Featured Artist this month) and Jack Hertz: Divina Commedia III (Nine Spheres).

And in the video stream, we see some fantastic night photography from Silva Capitana ( and Theresa Gentry Saxon (

Song of Night, Song of Light – Cloudwalk (Paul Mehlhaff) – 2016

  1. Song of Night
  2. Mysterious Vibes
  3. Vibrance
  4. Bright Fields of Green
  5. Temple of Frozen Light
  6. Prelude to the Stars
  7. The Face of Imagination
  8. The Voyager
  9. Song of Light

“Song of Night, Song of Light” by Cloudwalk contains tracks Paul Mehlhaff recorded between 2008 and 2012. After releasing music for several years now, he returned to these earlier recordings. You’ll find an eclectic mix of styles, from more melodic and new age-sounding space music, to deeper space explorations, and even some jazz influences. As with other albums of Cloudwalk’s, these tracks are all live multi-keyboard improvisations, recorded directly to stereo. With this style, there was no overdubbing and very minimal waveform editing. It is music capturing the moment! This album also has more of a retro sound, and you might hear some influences of space and new age music from the 1980’s that inspired Paul as he was growing up.

Paul Mehlhaff been producing electronic music for over 20 years in Billings, Montana. He started out experimenting with many different styles including space music, techno, and 80’s synthpop, along with classical, rock, and folk guitar. In 2008, he decided to focus his attention on electronic space music, with the goal of finally presenting it to the public. Song of Night, Song of Light represents that time of growth as he developed the improvisational Cloudwalk sound.

Divina Commedia III – The Nine Spheres – Scott Lawlor and Jack Hertz (2016)

  1. 1st Sphere – The Moon (The Inconstant)
  2. 2nd Sphere – Mercury (The Ambitious)
  3. 3rd Sphere – Venus (The Lovers)
  4. 4th Sphere – The Sun (The Wise)
  5. 5th Sphere – Mars (The Warriors of the Faith)
  6. 6th Sphere – Jupiter (The Just Rulers)
  7. 7th Sphere – Saturn (The Contemplatives)
  8. 8th Sphere – The Fixed Stars (Faith, Hope, and Love)
  9. 9th Sphere – The Primum Mobile (The Angels)
  10. The Empyrean (the Abode of God) 10:01

Read more about this release and its predecessors at

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