Falling Towards Atlantis Album cover artwork by Andreas Schwietzke

A new project from our friends Kuutana and Eric “the” Taylor, Luna Firma is a beautiful new collaboration of ambient music from two excellent practitioners. Falling Toward Atlantis is the name of the album (cover art by Andreas Schwietzke), and it’s featured today along with other Atlantis-flavored music from the StillStream library, as well as two tracks composed specifically for this program by James Hoehl and Wings of an Angel (who is also our featured artist for February).

(No video today due to technical issues).

Luna Firma – Falling Towards Atlantis (2016)

  • Between Me And The Sea
  • Glass Bottom Boat
  • Light Source
  • As Of Yet Unknown
  • Open Night Air
  • Approaching Atlantis

In the chat room while this album was playing, one of the chatters asked Kuutana how this album came about:

Kuutana, can you give us an idea of your hardware and software stack? How did yall end up collaborating? Swapping audio files over the net or otherwise?

Kuutana: Yes, swapping audio files over the net, reviews, retry, etc.. – as for the ingredients.. it’s the “magic sauce” A mix of field recordings, acoustic instruments, HW and SW synths.

The first track has a reccuring little flute melody was inspired by that episode of Star Trek TNG where Picard lives an entire lifetime on a planet (as induced by a probe that links with his mind). In that episode.. he learns to play the flute during his (virtual) lifetime.

(be sure to read the excellent essay by George Miler, too!)

“Infinite Arc” – Ambraduna – Arpa Atlantis (2009)
“Into The Underground – Michael a Maricle – Atlantis Subterrain (2000)
“Satori in Atlantis” – Cory Allen – Satori in Atlantis (2007)
“Atlantis” – Adam Fielding – Unreleased – (2004)
“Atlantis (radio edit)” – Exstus – Unreleased – (2008)
“Atlantis Child” – Asura – 360 – (2010)
“the mermaid theremin” – James Hoehl – Unreleased (2016)
“Ocean of Green” – Crystal Dreams – Tea Drones – Volume 1 (2015)
“Outside The Confounds Of Stimulated Spiritualism” – Wings Of An Angel – Unreleased (2016)
“Upon Return From Dream” – Robert Scott Thompson – Unreleased (2009)

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