This edition of At Water’s Edge focuses on a core principle of ambient music: atmosphere or environment. Ambient music is a fascinating genre, in that it relies on subtleties and nearly imperceptible shifts to create an … ahem… environment of listening that is immersive and moving. It is “equally listenable and ignorable” (Brian Eno’s definition).

Unlike the music that we hear, our own environment, that of planet Earth, is in grave peril — not ignorable at all. As humans, we have a challenge and a responsibility to preserve our environment, both for our own generations and for the flora and fauna with whom we share the planet. It is time to listen, and not ignore.

Always Present but Never Seen – Scott Lawlor – (2015)

This track is part of a two track album that Scott is calling The Origin of Negation (or he may just release it by itself as its own album, he hasn’t quite decided yet). Both tracks were inspired by the following:


Strange Environs – Dave Luxton (2015)
– Perihelion
– Aphelion
– Desolation Plain
– Behind the Clouds
– Mountain Temple
– Salton Sea
– Ridge of Ashes
– Palomar
– Two Planets

Dave Luxton is the creator of atmospheric soundscapes and ambient electronic music. He is the founder of the Pacific Northwest based Wayfarer Records label, and is a music producer. As a classically trained multi-instrumentalist composer, his film scores cover the gamut of musical styles.

Our Secret Lives – Lutz Thuns & Wolfgang Gsell – (2016)
– Dreams Fade
– In The Center Of The Cyclone
– Mirrored Reality
– Nature’s Sleep And Awakening
– Our Secret Lives
– Transmigration


Darkness Rising Over The Plains – FzkWolf – Saving Cecil’s Pride (2015)

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