What We Left Behind

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Built around a new release from Robert Rich, What We Left Behind, this program looks […]

The Earth is our OM

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In honor of Earth Day, we bring you a variety of recent tracks that celebrate […]


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We go deep this week. Deep underwater, deep into space, deep in love, deep into our own souls. This week’s episode of At Water’s Edge features a new artist to StillStream, ∆F∆LCHI, as well as a recent release by Cousin Silas and Wolfgang Gsell, two new tracks from Michael Brückner, and some tracks from StillStream’s extensive library.


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The April Fool tradition is a time-honored one, and observed in many places around the world. Although its exact origins are unclear, in part it is thought that the celebration coincides with the beginning of the new year (which is April 1 by pre-Gregorian reckoning).

On this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we celebrate — albeit a day late (and a dollar short) — the tradition of prank and humor with a program devoted to foolery of all sorts.

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