The April Fool tradition is a time-honored one, and observed in many places around the world. Although its exact origins are unclear, in part it is thought that the celebration coincides with the beginning of the new year (which is April 1 by pre-Gregorian reckoning).

On this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we celebrate — albeit a day late (and a dollar short) — the tradition of prank and humor with a program devoted to foolery of all sorts.

“April Fools” – Discrete Logic – Lost at Sea (2010)
“Fool & The Hummingbird” – Peter Kater – Piano (2003)
“Then Sunaina Smiled” – Phillip Wilkerson – At Water’s Edge – Scape (2012)
“A Wise Man’s Fool” – Lily Pond Orchestra – Tabernacle (2010)
“Siva Smiled” – Lee Rosevere – The Gold Room (2006)
“Jester’s Tear” – Celestial Aeon ProjectAeon 3 (2006)
“Foolishness” – Softspace – Room With A View (2007)
“Smile For Me April” – Kathryn Kaye – Dreaming Still (2011)
“Joker in the Pack” – Michael P. Dawson – Joker in the Pack (2012)
“Evening Smile” – Tom Caufield – Nature and the Constant Illusion (2013)
“Abandoned Playground” – Har and Altus – Shadow District (2012)
“The Enigmatic Smile Upon Her Lips of Beauty” – Anawaty Russell – Monjour (2009)
“Put a Smile Inside Your Heart” – WOFan – Unreleased (2009)
“Childhood Playground” – Motionfield – Optical Flow (2008)
“Shadow Play” – Loren Nerell – Indonesian Soundscapes (1999)
“Misplaced Humor” – z1r0 – Audio Atavisms Revisited (1997)
“The House of Laughter” – Lucette Bourdin – Rumors From Cypress Town (2010)
“Smile on the Void” – A Produce – Smile on the Void (2001)

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