What We Left Behind

Built around a new release from Robert Rich, What We Left Behind, this program looks ahead in time.

“Mother Earth in a million years will be just fine without us, and perhaps she’ll even forgive us for the huge extinction event we caused… after all, it was all OK after that meteor impact 65 million years ago.”

The album is scheduled to be released this coming week; we have an exclusive interview with Robert Rich as part of the program, which includes all of the release and other tracks about the survival (or not) of life on earth, as well as an essay on the topic (below) by George Miler.

What happens to Earth if – or when – people suddenly vanish? It turns out that Earth can go along very nicely without us. As the days and weeks tick by, the process of Nature’s reclamation of the planet becomes less grim. Power grids will shut down. Nuclear plants will suffer meltdowns. Even these will not destroy the entire ecosphere.


Plants and animals will have the run of Manhattan and every other previously “civilized” area. Skyscrapers will fall. Vines will crack brownstones open and expose them to the elements. Bears will hibernate in our subways. Earth will abide.


Or the alternative may be a “soft apocalypse” in which the quality of life will diminish until human life can no longer be sustained. The damage could be worse and the human race will take other species with them. Rats may evolve to replace wolves and cougars. Baboons may evolve to replace cheetahs. Penguins may evolve to replace the whales and dolphins.


The theme that our disappearance will not matter is to make us seem insignificant but foolish in destroying ourselves while leaving this natural beauty behind. We will also have deleted ourselves from the cosmic network of conscious beings elsewhere in the universe.


This is what‘s at stake if we hit the reset button. Nature continues on after the destruction we have wrought. She is used to extinctions. We have done many negative things here, and our hubris can vanish quickly among the growing vines. We can, of course, change and learn to live with Nature instead of egotistically persisting in the attempt to subdue Her. This is the nature of the ego – to objectify, control, ultimately destroy.


Then there is our higher nature.


George Miler

Robert Rich: What We Left Behind (2016)
(the Koan he mentions can be found here: youtube.com/watch?v=ReIXXNJ7qX8)
– Profligate Earth
– Raku
– Voice of Rust
– Soft Rains Fall
– Rhizome
– Transpiration
– Corvid Collections
– Aerial on Warm Seas
– Never Hunger
– After Us
– What We Left Behind
– Meeting Face To Face

Earth – Jack Hertz – Earth (2012)

Beauty From Decay – David Gerard (2016)

December Nightskies: Cold Water (2011)
– Cold Water Part 1
– Cold Water Part 2

Saving Cecil’s Pride (2015)
– Lost Latitudes – Cousin Silas
– last elephant’s last breath (thing_210) – Daniel Robert Lahey
– on the verge of extinction – James Hoehl
– Once Removed, No Return – Michael Jobborn and Ade Hodges

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