Moving Day

It’s moving day!

Again. Yes. Again.

So today’s program is pre-recorded and fabulous (and sans video), and is all about movement, motion, and transition. Digging in to the StillStream archives for some great tracks, we bring you music of Alpha Wave Movement (that wasn’t too obvious, was it?), Steve Brand, Sonoprint, mon0, and many more. Tune in to StillStream.FM and prepare to move and be moved!

“Spirit Call” – Frore – Cyclic Movement (2015)

“Movement Three~By Way Of Water” – Darren Harper – Movements For An Absent Mind (2014)

“Shimmering” – Robert Carty – Photonic Movements (2011)

“A Certain Restlessness of Soul” – Steve Brand – Subtle Movements Inside (2011)

“Transition” – mon0 – (single) (2007)
(Caution: this web site has music on auto-play)

“Sanctuary” – Alpha Wave Movement – Concept of Motion (1998)

“Planetary Motion pt.1” – Sonoprint – Planetary Motion (2008)

“The Ambience of Motion” – Dave Hoffman – Calmness of Spirit (2009)

“Transition” – d-form – Transition (2007)

“I Move When You Do” – sublamp – shiverland (2007)

“Moveless Fish” – Lucette Bourdin – Silver Moon (2009)

“Ode To An Era” – Alpha Wave Movement – Beyond Silence (2005)

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