[RECORDED LIVE] Using his release Emblem (http://pemungkah.bandcamp.com/album/emblem) as the basis, ambient composer and artist Joe McMahon provides electronic atmospheres to a live reading of the poetry cycle “Rachel Rising”, along with other vocal improvisations provided by your host, Rebekkah Hilgraves.

The poetry cycle (found in its entirety at http://www.rachelrising.com/) came in the creative aftermath of a violent and bizarre domestic situation, but is much more than one person’s simple catharsis. It stands as allegory for anyone who has been through a “dark night of the soul”, whatever one’s faith might be — or not. It is a struggle of dark and light, of violence and peace, of restraint and freedom. In other words, the human experience. There is an infinite number of ways that such a journey can be expressed. Join us for this one.

This is now available as a release on Bandcamp at https://rebekkahhilgraves.bandcamp.com/album/rachel-rising-live-on-at-waters-edge.

Proceeds from sales of the release benefit the National Network to End Domestic Violence (http://nnedv.org/)

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