Knowing and Not Knowing

We spend too much time thinking, moving, buying, reacting, and not nearly enough time in silence. We embed ourselves in technology, and communicate with each other without connecting. Without connection, we are alone. Without knowing what it’s like to love one another, we know nothing. Without understanding where we fit into our world, our universe, our own souls, we are adrift.

Today’s program honors both the knowing and the not-knowing, the silences and the shadows.

David Gerard – The Nature of Being at One with All Things (2016 – today!)
– “Celestial Fantasia”
– “The Nature of Being at One with All Things”
– “The Realm of Knowing”

This track was specifically written for the StillStream radio program, At Water’s Edge, hosted by Rebekkah Hilgraves. With all the infighting and divisiveness she has witnessed in the US of late, Rebekkah wanted to do a theme of love, compassion, and openness. I took a moment to ponder what that specifically meant to me – what thoughts or associative feelings resonated with me. After meditating on it, I realized I wanted to compose a piece of “sacred music”: not just for reflective meditation. I wanted the piece to gently awaken the beauty and joy that lies inside all our hearts, that is our birthright. All polarization is borne out of fear. And the opposite of fear is love. Namasté.
– David Gerard

Maximum Movement Theatre – Boketto (2016)
– side one
– side two

Maximum Movement Theatre, a new addition to the StillStream roster, is UK-based electronic artist Barry Munday. A veteran of the electronic world, he celebrates over 35 years of dabbling in electronica from analog beginnings through the VST variety.

The name of the album is one of those excellent Japanese words for which there is no good English equivalent; its meaning is the act of gazing vacantly into the distance without thinking.

Steve Roach – Shadow of Time (2016)
– “Shadow of Time”
– “Cloud of Knowing”

Within the 35 year orbit of Roach’s relentless dedication to sonic-art as a way of life, Shadow of Time marks a reconnection to the touchstone of Roach’s signature sound: deep breathing atmospherics, textural healings and zen-like immersion spaces. The inner stillness and sumptuous shimmering of warm analog synthesizers slow down time and enhance the moment in ways unique to Roach’s work.

In the style of classic releases Structures From Silence and Quiet Music, Shadow of Time’s spacious expansion blooms outward in subtle dynamic momentum, a reflection of emotion and reverie within its three long tracks. This sonic sanctuary is at once amorphous and engaging. The overall effect is the appearance of soft-edged architectural forms, arising melodies drifting upon illuminated tendrils, lush chords shapeshifting in harmonic interplay as if waves swell and gently touch upon a time-suspended shore.

Steve reflects:

“Every day holds the phenomenon of contrasting light and dark. From first dawn to the last luminous strains of day casting the transition towards night, the shadow of time is on display for the receptive eye. In our environment this interplay of contrasts and form manifests in magnificent subtlety. This fleeting, intangible partner of illumination is a constant influence in my process, both in its evocation of emotion and activation of the mythic imagination. The music on Shadow of Time is a direct expression of this awareness I am at the service of.”

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