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Unity. Connection. Together. We. All. This edition of At Water’s Edge is about the deep connection we share amongst our fellow humans, our fellow creatures, and all of creation (however you want to name it). The world has gone insane — or maybe it was never *not* sane — and the thing we lose sight of in all the madness is that each action has consequences reaching far beyond the immediate surroundings. Pull a thread here, and the design over *there* is broken. Do good here, and the love over *there* grows exponentially.


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This edition of At Water’s Edge revolves around calm, meditation, breathing, singing, the world’s winds, and other images of serenity and peace. We need to breathe, now more than ever, and it’s getting more and more difficult to do — literally and figuratively. The climate is spiraling away from human habitability due to our protracted mismanagement; politics send us into hourly panics, no matter what side of any given issue we might be.

So this program is a reminder to breathe, which is often much easier said than done.

Christopher Alvarado

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This is the type of program we live for: interviews and live music! We feature previous tracks and live music from Christopher Alvarado on this edition of At Water’s Edge.

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