Christopher Alvarado

Christopher Alvarado

This week’s episode of At Water’s Edge is the type of program we live for: live interviews, live music, and a survey of a single artist’s canon of work.

We feature Christopher Alvarado on this edition of At Water’s Edge, coming to you live from his studio, The Red Room. We play tracks from his back catalogue, talk about his musical path(s), and hear a live set.

Tracks on today’s program:

Fire Above The Desert Mesa – Translucence (waag_rrl002) (2014)

Andromeda at Dawn
Andromeda at Dusk – Ancient Doors (2013)

Infinite Helix – Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052) (2014)
Infinite Helix – Mix by Ade Hodges – Modified by Inertia (waag_rmx002) (2014)

Alma – Infinita (2014)

Enigmatic Zephyr – The Eye of Imagination (2015)

Realm of Reflection – Drifting Through Kingdoms (2015)
Realm Of Reflection Christopher Alvarado & M. Nomized Drifting Through Kingdoms Remixed (2017)

Christopher Alvarado LIVE

Whirlpool in Reality – Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052) (2014)

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