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This program is about the deep connection we share amongst our fellow humans, our fellow creatures, and all of creation (however you want to name it). The world has gone insane — or maybe it was never *not* sane — and the thing we lose sight of in all the madness is that each action has consequences reaching far beyond the immediate surroundings. Pull a thread here, and the design over *there* is broken. Do good here, and the love over *there* grows exponentially.

One – Andrew Forrest – ONE (2015)

“Singularity, Pt. 2” – The Ambient Visitor – Singularity (2016)

Home Away From Home – Altus – Singulus (2007)

A Single Tree – Cousin Silas – Lift The Sky (2016)

Connected Spirits – Max Corbacho – The Talisman (2006)

Incomprehensible Love – Ma Ja Le / Vir Unis (John Strate-Hootman) – Imaginarium – (1998)—vir-unis—imaginarium.html

“Circling the Universe, Forever” – Grüm-pé – The Tyranny of Distance (2005)

All Things – Kit Watkins – Circle (2008)

Cascade Falls – Erik Wøllo – Different Spaces (2017)

And I Shall Rid Myself Of All Outer Vestments As I Journey To Become One With Zeus – Lunar Navigational Systems – Shoemaker Levy 9 Commemoration (2014)

Sowelu (Wholeness) – Giles Reaves – Wunjo – (1986)

Spirit Caller – Dan Pound – Return To Other Worlds (2012)

Wholeness in the Cathedral of Gold – caul – Reliquary (2012)

One – Caul – Under A Thousand Miles Of Stars (2011)

(Image By Moishehouse – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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